Released on: February 21, 2008, 7:47 am

Press Release Author: Steven Johnson

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: Another truth about the rich jerk revealed , causing
astonishment to all of his fans and foes! Arguably the most hidden fact no one ever

Press Release Body: \"Mystery\", Webmaster Of, Reveals The
Shocking Truth About The Rich Jerk! It Ain\'t What It Looks Like!

The controversial internet marketer guru and millionair \"Kelly Felix\", who goes by
the name \"The Rich Jerk\", is once more under the radar but this time due to a bomb
that came out of \"Mystery\", owner of the blog \"\" in which he
reveals the real identity of the Rich Jerk in a very short paragraph.

According to \"Mystery\", who claims to have worked with the Rich Jerk, along with
other big names like Stone Evans and Mike Filsaime for quite some time, the Jerk is
nothing but a 16 years old Vietnamese girl named Tuyen! He also said that she
started out at an even much more younger age, and represents a unique success

\"Yeah, that's right! The rich jerk is nothing more than a 14 years old (now should
be turning 16) Vietnamese girl! You heard that right, and you will rarely find this
info elsewhere. Afterall, I've worked with her for some time........Her name is
Tuyen , a very smart girl who knows her stuff real good. Sorry Tuyen! Ooops! I did
it again!\" Mystery goes in his blog post.

On our interview with him, Mystery said that he has been fired by Tuyen due to an
email he apparently sent to her subscribers that contains an insinuation to her real
identity, and that resulted in pissing her off! \"People couldn't believe that the
rich jerk was nothing but a 14 years old Vietnamese girl, and even though, she was
really pissed off!\", said Mystery. He said that he did that as a come back for an
incident that happened long ago, and that she deserved it.

Mystery runs a blog \"\" around topics related to tips and
resources on making money online, home based businesses, internet marketing....etc.
He currently is working on expanding the topics covered by his blog to include
categories for Tech, People & Celebrities, News, Humour....etc. What caught our eyes
is the quality and amount of bonuses that come for free with every single item that
is purchased from his blog, most of which are even higher in price than the main
item. He certainly over delivers compared to many marketers.

Whether what Mystery claims about the Rich Jerk is the truth, or a part of his
tongue in cheek attitude he sometimes adopts in his posts, it was quite enough to
stirrup some talk in the internet marketing world.

For more information about this, along with photos, you can view Mystery\'s post

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Contact Details: Contact Name: Mystery


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