TankDepot co uk Debuts New Underground Oil Tanks

Released on: February 12, 2008, 1:48 pm

Press Release Author: TankDepot.co.uk

Industry: Energy

Press Release Summary: Online fuel storage specialist TankDepot.co.uk, has launched
an all-new range of underground metal oil tanks, manufactured in the UK by storage
tank specialist Schneider Industry.

Press Release Body: Leading online storage tank supplier TankDepot.co.uk has
unveiled two exciting new additions to the company's ever growing range of oil
storage tanks. The new 1,200 litre and 1,900 litre models from Schneider Industry,
are the first Underground Oil Tanks to be sold by the company.

Manufactured in the UK from premium quality steel, every Schneider Underground Oil
Tank benefits from cathodic protection against the risk of corrosion. Pioneered by
the Royal Navy in the Nineteenth Century, the principle of cathodic protection is
already firmly established in other storage tank sectors.

The new range has been launched following requests from TankDepot.co.uk customers
for an effective, approved means of storing oil underground, as TankDepot.co.uk's
Philip Breek explains.

"Whilst above ground oil tanks are ideal for most oil storage applications, there
are a small but growing number of customers who are asking for an effective,
affordable and approved means of storing heating oil underground. As purpose
designed underground oil tanks, the new 1,200 litre and 1,900 litre models from
Schneider address this requirement and bring with them to the marketplace, decades
of experience in the design and manufacture of underground storage vessels."

"Recently, LPG companies have been differentiating their product offering from oil
heating, upon the basis of being able to offer consumers an underground storage
option. In that context, it is useful for the oil heating industry to be able to
offer a competitively priced, purpose designed, underground alternative."

"Once installed, all that remains visible is a manhole, providing access to the fill
area of the tank. The main body of the tank is hidden underground. Schneider's
underground tanks are ideal for installation at new build installations in rural
areas and at existing properties, undergoing refurbishment. Despite only being
recently launched, interest from customers has been strong.", explains Philip.

As well as the supply of underground oil tanks, TankDepot.co.uk also offers the
complete range of Harlequin and Titan above ground storage tanks, for the safe,
secure and environmentally responsible storage of Adblue, Admixtures, BioDiesel,
Diesel, Heating Oil, Non Potable Water, Potable Water, Rainwater and Waste Oils.

For more information, visit TankDepot.co.uk online at www.tankdepot.co.uk

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