Tech Solutions releases ID3 Butler

Released on: February 27, 2008, 3:11 am

Press Release Author: Tech Solutions USA, Inc.

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: ID3 Butler edits your MP3 tags automatically and runs in the

Press Release Body: ** PRESS RELEASE **

Tech Solutions USA, Inc., Scottsdale Arizona USA based computer software developers,
release ID3 Butler software.

Audio podcast listeners are constantly dealing with a big problem. Podcast Hosts
neglect to properly and consistently format their MP3 tags on the MP3 files they
record (referred to as ID3 tags). So if you are a fan of podcasts and you subscribe
to quite a few, you\'ll constantly spend hours of your time manually having to fix
the ID3 tags to keep the files organized, particularly if you play the audio on a
MP3 player such as a portable MP3 player, or in car MP3 player.

And the problem never goes away. Every time your aggregator grabs a new MP3 episode
from a podcast you subscribe to, you have to check the ID3 tags again. If you don\'t
you\'ll find that trying to find that new episode of the podcast you love is
difficult if not impossible. Don\'t try it at the gym while working out on a
treadmill. And don\'t try it while jogging. And most importantly, NEVER try it while
driving the car. The chance of an accident is way too high.

This is a problem that the makers of ID3 Butler software are keenly aware of. Being
podcast listeners and having to deal with this issue, they came up with an
innovative, reliable, automated and inexpensive solution. ID3 Butler is some
software for Windows based computers that installs and runs in the Taskbar (in the
background). You tell it about the Podcasts you like and where your aggregator
stores the MP3 files. You tell each podcast how you want them tagged, and a schedule
to check for new files. When that schedule arrives (ie. hourly, daily, etc.) it will
go to each registered Podcast and look for new content. Then it will update the ID3
Tags the way you want them to be set. All automatically and without any manual

When you sync your content to your media player, it will be tagged how you like it.
You\'ll find your content easily, keep Author, Album and Title tags as you would want
them to be tagged, and life is simple again.

ID3 Butler is available for FREE 7 day trial from its website at:

Its easy to use and priced at only $29.95.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Address: 8924 E Charter Oak Drive, Scottsdale
United States of America

Phone Number: 480-451-7440

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