Telesoft Technologies launches new PCI Express telephony board

Released on: February 8, 2008, 2:50 am

Press Release Author: Tim Daniels / Telesot Technoliges

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: Telesoft Technologies announced today that the first of its
PCI-Express (PCIe) telephony boards is now being delivered.

Press Release Body: MobileWorldCongress, Barcelona, 8th Feb, 2008 - Telesoft
Technologies announced today that the first of its PCI-Express (PCIe) telephony
boards is now being delivered. The MPAC 3220 telephony board is the first of a new
range of high density signalling and media telephony cards designed to fit into
PCIe-enabled servers and chassis.

The MPAC 3220 is a low profile single lane PCIe board that fits into any PCIe 1.1
compliant slot. Being half height and length of the standard PCI board it represents
the smallest form factor available on the market today, yet packs considerable
performance; providing up to 4 E1/T1 interfaces (an STM-1 variant is also planned)
and a 1Gb Ethernet connection. Having both TDM and IP ports makes it ideal for
inter-working between converged TDM, 2G/3G and next generation IP networks.

\"Leading server equipment vendors have switched to PCIe system bus solutions so PCIe
format telephony boards are key to our customers", said Gary Barter, MPAC Product
Manager. "The serial PCIe system bus and the powerful on-board processing power
built into the MPAC 3220, combined with Telesoft's TDAPI protocol software, make
this one of the most powerful telephony cards in it's form factor on the market

The MPAC 3220 supports up to 128 low speed (LSL) or 2 high-speed (HSL: ATM or HDLC)
SS7 signalling links in terminating or non-intrusive monitoring mode. It also offers
support for IP network protocols such as SIP, RTP, CES and SIGTRAN. It can be used
in a myriad of applications including SMS & IP Gateways, IVR, Signalling and Media
Gateways, Switches, Protocol Converters, and OSS/VAS services.

The MPAC 32xx series of telephony boards has a base processing card and a
configuration-specific mezzanine card. Alternate mezzanine cards available in due
course including STM-1/OC-3 connectivity will expand the range of interface
configurations available.

About Telesoft Technologies
Telesoft Technologies (a UK based company) is focused on providing reliable and
cost-effective Telecommunications, Monitoring, Homeland Security and Intelligence
solutions. Its products solve inter-working connectivity problems and provide
applications valued by telecom operators and customers. More than 250 operators use
Telesoft telephony products in fixed, 2G, 3G mobile and IP networks in over 100

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