The Fun Side of Self-Help

Released on: February 13, 2008, 11:24 pm

Press Release Author: Bruce (Brucie) Wood.

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary:, The Fun Side of Self-Help, features
light-hearted comments and good-natured reviews of everything from cosmetic
instruction books to financial advice, witchcraft and divorce

Press Release Body: Chicago,IL,February,14,2008 --, The Fun Side of
Self-Help, was launched this week. Featuring light-hearted comments and
good-natured reviews, presents mainstream and oddball resources for
everything from cosmetic instruction books to financial advice, witchcraft and

The core of is the BrucieBlog which focuses on self-help books and
courses. The first installment is a review of the book Secrets of the Millionaire
Mind, by T. Harv Eker. Brucie's appraisal reveals the humorous approach he uses
when evaluating a self-help source. In this case, he is amused by Eker's methods,
while finding worth in the underlying information.

Other sections of the site continue the tongue-in-cheek theme of presenting serious
and potentially valuable resources. The BrucieLinks section introduces a potpourri
of shopping sites, complete with Brucie's wry commentaries on everything from travel
to golf shirts and jewelry.

The BrucieBooks section has several pages: A selection of books on art techniques,
beauty secrets, tattoos and traveling; A Financial Solutions page with advice on
credit repair, business plans, entrepreneurial ideas and winning the lottery; A
Relationships page for those who seek dating and lovemaking tips. It includes an
anti-scam guide, advice for shy and not-so-shy people, and a manual on seduction for
guys in relationships; The Divorce page, a natural complement to the Relationships
section, follows through with help on making the decision, tactics for men and
women, custody, and how to tell the kids; and the New Age section polishes off the
site with Holistic healing, Tarot reading, witchcraft instruction, Feng Shui
secrets, yoga and hypnosis. There's even a link, somewhere in there, to a course on
how to get paid to draw. is the brainchild of Bruce (Brucie) Wood, a self-taught entrepreneur
who has a Master's Degree in Fine Art from the School of the Art Institute of
Chicago. "All that education, and no marketable skills," he says, "led me to
self-help books on how to make a living."

Brucie's interests led to starting a variety of businesses. He learned to invest in
real estate, and became a landlord with a dozen buildings. "That nearly killed me,"
he reflects. Brucie learned Futures trading, and bought a seat on the Mid America
Commodity Exchange, eventually becoming a registered floor trader (Yes, one of those
guys who stands in the pit and yells) and a Commodity

Trading Advisor (who sits in an office and yells). He read books on telemarketing,
and started a company which sold telephones and wrenches on late-night TV. "But
wait, there's more!" he beams. Brucie also opened an art gallery in Michigan and a
furniture boutique in Chicago, started an art publishing business, owns Dreamfast
Cinema, a small audio and video label which publishes Jazz and Mystery movies, and
he is an independent distributor with the network marketing company Market America.

"One thing I've learned is that most self-help Gurus are way too serious about their
products," Brucie says, "And I guess they should be, since they need to project
credibility in order to build a following. But as an artist, I tend to have a
quirky view of their presentations. The info's no less valuable, and I'm not
critical of their advice if it's sincere, but I do like to have a bit of fun while
learning something new."

About started with the idea that combining an entertaining approach with
unusual and hard-to-find self-help books and courses, might resonate with those who
are jaded by mainstream marketing methods. is a new (February, 2008)
venture of Bruce Wood, Inc., Chicago, IL, and is part of its art publishing
business, AFA Press. aims to make it easy and entertaining for people to find mainstream
and unusual self-help resources. For more information, please visit press release distribution by pressreleasepoint

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