The Future for MP3 Players

Released on: February 8, 2008, 4:08 pm

Press Release Author: Steve Flores

Industry: Electronics

Press Release Summary: PriceGo introduces the latest MP3 Player device for 2008

Press Release Body: The Future for MP3 Players:

We all know how popular MP3 Players have become, with new designs, models, and
better visual with video capabilities in the palm of your hand. Apple Company has
amazed the world in the past few years with its new iPod from big and bulky to
small and slim.

We will introduce the latest MP3 Player device for 2008 distributed by . The new MP3 player, by the name of \"TouchMii\" was introduced on
Jan 4th 2008 to the world with an all new Touch Screen Technology. This player has
Music functions, with video playback technology, photo browsing, listen to your
radio, or play games on the go, all on a small 3-inch lightweight mp3 video touch
player. The most amazing part about this player is its touch screen function. A
user can simply use his/her finger or the included TouchMii stylus pen to navigate
throughout the entire menu system with a simple touch onto the screen.

This function has been in working progress over the past few years now, and finally
perfected its use fully so users can simply take advantage of this new technology.
This mp3 Touch screen mp3 player has a built in speaker system, beautiful crystal
clear colors on its 2.8\" LCD screen, playable game, and so much more features.

It\'s simply going to be one of the hottest items out this year in 2008. Another
amazing thing about this unit is the pricing! Everyone knows, when a new item is
available in the market, pricing can be quite expensive. However, this TouchMii Mp3
player is only $79.98 for the 4GB version. At this time, there is a 2GB, 4GB & an
8GB version available.

To find out more information about the \"TouchMii\" MP3 player, please visit

Web Site:

Contact Details: Steve Flores
251 47th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11220
Phone: (347) 320-2958

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