The Greater Christian Life

Released on: February 12, 2008, 6:21 pm

Press Release Author: Peter Akporume


Press Release Summary: the Greater Christian Life is a book which promises to be an
international bestseller.

Press Release Body: THE GREATER CHRISTIAN LIFE (commanding the situations
surrounding your life)

Many Christians worldwide don’t live the way Christ lived; we all find it hard
to believe that we can be the type of person that He was, in THE GREATER CHRISTIAN
LIFE (VOLUME ONE) the reader will discover that it isn’t only possible to be
like Christ but it is also possible to command the invisible like he did.

This book is divinely by the Holy Spirit. Who came to the author with revelations
in different visions He has inspired this book to be written and he has promised
that it will be a success.

We are not meant to be ordinary people as Christians; we are meant to be people who
can command the situations surrounding our lives. We are meant to be victorious in
our living and not failures. Discover how to overcome. Discover what God expects in
the life of every Christian in THE GREATER CHRISTIAN LIFE (VOLUME ONE).

Learn about Gods views on humility, love, peace and fear.

Learn how to: -

*Get spiritual power in a godly way
*Build a strong spirit
*Live in boldness
*Be at peace in times of trouble

If you want to take your Christian life to the next level then read THE GREATER

Don\'t be an ordinary Christian; start living like Jesus lived and commanding like He

Purchase online at

Web Site: http://

Contact Details: +2348077209739

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