The Journey


Released on: February 18, 2008, 3:16 pm

Press Release Author: Frances Bennett / Bookstand Publishing

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: The Journey is a historical fiction novel that decribes a way of life for settlers that few of us can gather in.

Press Release Body: The Journey ISBN: 978-1-58909-454-3

A historical fiction novel by Frances Bennett and Bookstand Publishing.

Frances Bennett never dreamed that the articles she began writing for a Union Parish, Louisiana paper in 2004 would lead the way to a book publisher. For the weekly article, she searched her memory and wrote of nostalgic things such as school days in the 40’s, and how things were done when two grades occupied the same room in the little sawmill town of Urbana, Arkansas. But Bennett soon realized that her memories wouldn’t sustain the column for long, so she began a serialized story from her mother’s bible records and things her maternal grandmother told as they sat in front of a crackling fire on cold winter nights. As a nine year old, Bennett tucked it away in her heart and relived it all before she fell asleep.

The continued story was an instant success, and through questions to Bennett and her editor as to whether she was writing a book, the seed was planted. From this came, The Journey.

The story begins in 1899 when newly weds, Lona and Charlie Stegall, along with two of Charlie’s brothers, leave North Carolina on a wagon train headed for Union County, Arkansas, where another brother has settled. They cross rivers and bury the dead to finally arrive at their destination. Frighteningly beautiful descriptions of happenings fill the pages of The Journey during Lona and Charlie’s lifetime on a homestead that was carved from a wilderness.

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