The Key to the Secret

Released on: February 20, 2008, 7:40 pm

Press Release Author: James De Havilland

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: The Masters of Experience hand \'YOU\" the "KEY" to catapult
you to a whole new level of Success. Grasp the extended hand, transmit the light,
and swing open the gateway to the world of opportunity!

Press Release Body: The Key to the Secret is a no-nonsense right to the point
quality book that teaches that unused capability, mental, moral or physical becomes
the lost capability. In this book, you will be given the Key to promote and benefit
yourself and society. The Key is your guidepost illuminating the right road to
follow in order to unfold the capability in all human hearts and minds, and to pave
the way for you to swing open the gateway to the world of success, happiness,
self-reliance and self sufficiency. The Key unlocks and tells you what the real
secret is and provides a strong backbone for a well balanced life. The Key to the
Secret unlocks what you are destined to be, a shining example and an illustrious and
eminent ambassador and heralder for the public good and welfare...

James De Havilland: former teacher, administrator, and director of training of the
Public Education System and has written training programs in
relationship/participation with the U.S. Department of Labor. His bona-fide
credentials are accredited and certified by the Board of Examiners, Department of
Education and authorized to administrate, supervise and coordinate over 900+
educational training programs. He is a Doctor of Theological Doctrine of Arts &
Letters and a veteran of communication skills seminars for labor organizations and
business. Mr. De Havilland is the author of the soon to be released \"The Temple of
the 42 Steps\". The Key to the Secret: (ISBN 1424188547) is available online at Barnes &

Web Site:

Contact Details: 9 Colonial Drive
suite d
Little Falls, New Jersey 07424
Tel: (973) 837-1189

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