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Released on: February 24, 2008, 10:07 pm

Press Release Author: Carmen Jones

Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: Maktari more recently was involved in two purchases of gold
and both totalling an estimated $4 billion in London and Zurich

Press Release Body: United States Press release: Monday 25th February 2008 06:20 00:21
From living on the streets of London to seeing him self put behind bars. Only very
few people would see themselves become something or go somewhere after a journey of
that described.
One man however has literally come from nothing to achieving the respect and
financial reward that come after a lot of hard work and dedication.
Maktari was previously involved within the import & export business for some 4 years
and in which he saw him go bankrupt on 3 occasions.
If anyone knows Maktari and has done business with him, they would all have to agree
that he has skin thicker than a whale.
Over the years he has seen rejection as an everyday part of life and has been up and
down more often than an elevator yet to see him one would never think so.
Maktari became involved in gold only a few years ago and started out trying to
broker deals. I spoke to him back in July 07 and at that time told he me that he
would be the next big thing in gold.
I never quite grasped on what he told me until recently, and I respect him for that.
Maktari closed one of the biggest private gold deals we have seen over the last four
years to a Saudi in which saw him walk away with at least $50 million in fees,
although some sources estimate a lot more.
Maktari has also been seen to be playing an active and dominating role within the
gold industry over the last six months especially in the Mid-East and Europe and
looks to dominate the private gold market or perhaps in becoming the world's largest
and most respected gold dealer.
He is currently looking to represent clients from Yemen and Russia as previous
reports have indicated but also see him setting up the world's first dedicated gold
brokering house possibly in Britain over the coming year.
Maktari recently tried to acquire shares within a mining company but was denied the
right to buy. Why was that the case? it only shows how much of threat one can be and
how much an influence he may have on the company.
Maktari more recently was involved in two purchases of gold and both totalling an
estimated $4 billion in London and Zurich, although most or all purchases are never
used with his name.(Jan 08)
Speaking to a source close to Maktari, they claim he is as simple as one can be. He
shows respect to everyone and is a very generous individual. You would never think
that this guy dabbles in million or billions. At just 30, if he shows us he can do
this now, what do the next 10 years hold in store?
Maktari is rumoured to be in the middle of two other transactions which could see
him come into the public eye in the month of March 08.
It's not all glory and respect though. Maktari was sent to prison some years ago for
his involvement in kidnap, possession of a firearm and robbery, to name but a few.
The Maktari' family are very successful however. Ranging from specialist doctors to
senior engineers. The Maktari name seems to be dominating the Middle East more
recently as Maktari himself is put into the limelight representing Royals for the
purchase of gold, his brother also has one of the top positions in the Qatar Diar
company which is owned by the QIA. His cousin is the head of Land Rover in the UAE
and Qatar and the list goes on.
The question most of us ask is, how did he do it? Was it luck or was it determination?
Can one man dominate the future of the private gold market or is it all hyped up by
a few lucky sales made by just a simple guy? Time will tell but at the moment, the
future foresees the next Bill Gates in the world of precious metals.

Written by Carmen Jones

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Contact Details: 1017 South and Fourth
New York

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