The Progressive Approach to Golf Improvement

Released on: February 15, 2008, 10:42 pm

Press Release Author: Doug Kercher

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: \"A Groundbreaking Approach For Golfers To Apply Their Golf
Instruction With A Unique Improvement Plan For Lower Golf Scores\" By Australian PGA
Professional, Doug Kercher

Press Release Body: \"A Groundbreaking Approach For Golfers To Apply Their Golf
Instruction With A Unique Improvement Plan For Lower Golf Scores\"
By Australian PGA Professional, Doug Kercher

A triple set of a new golf instruction books called \"Golf - Your Perfect Plan For
Practice And Play\" by Doug Kercher, Australian PGA Professional is now available.
Every part of golf from goal setting to practice schedules to analyzing golf rounds
is explained in the Manual and the golfer can apply all the information in practice
with the pocket size 12 Week Training Diary and track their rounds in the pocket
size 21 Game Playing Record.

The seemingly endless search for golf improvement has resulted in hundreds of new
golfing products and books and videos being released every year. Yet the standard of
the average golfer stays the same at about 16 handicap with less than 20% of golfers
on single figure handicaps and able to break 80.

The greatest challenge golfers face is how to organize and implement all this
information. Doug Kercher, PGA Professional, has addressed this problem with \"Golf -
Your Perfect Plan For Practice And Play\".

Doug has been playing golf for over 35 years, 17 of them as an Australian Pro and
has applied his knowledge and years of extensive research in writing this unique

More information is available at:

Lower scores come from an ability to master all parts of the game, not just have a
good golf swing with the latest golf club technology. So when the inevitable stray
shot happens, it is the ability to curve the ball from behind trees, have a range of
short game techniques and of course, putt well, that helps a golfer recover from the
poor shot on that hole.

A golfer has to maintain their strengths and develop their weaknesses
through instruction and practice. Success in any endeavour comes from clear goals,
planning, scheduling, action, tracking, testing and review. There are many different
areas of the game from technique, drills and practice to playing all the shots
required on a golf course from putting to shaping shots with a driver.

An instructor can provide knowledge and homework, but the golfer has to
interpret, practice and provide feedback from practice and play back to the
instructor. In turn, the instructor can identify the areas of a student\'s game that
requires improvement. The complexity of golf requires a step by step plan to cover
every area of the game.

The program helps a golfer learn from their own experiences and record their own
discoveries in the two journals. Lower scores can now be achieved with this easy to
follow book containing chapter summaries, quotes, advice and 75 pages of interactive
charts. The Practice Diary contains monthly, weekly, daily and hourly schedules and
records of vital information such as shot distances and technique discoveries. The
Playing Record includes detailed shot tracker charts that adapt to any golf course
and record accurate statistics for review and future strategies.

The website offers a free sample of the program and many
golf strategies in a free 22 part mini course. The site allows golfers all over the
world to get access to this program and start completing their own plan for golfing
success. You can visit the website below for more information.

Contact website for more information:

Web Site:

Contact Details: Doug Kercher
33 Irene Street
Tugun, Queensland

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