Triplex - for new generation of Tetris fans

Released on: February 11, 2008, 9:14 am

Press Release Author: FightArena

Industry: Entertainment

Press Release Summary: Do you think 3 is less than 4? Math is wrong sometimes! Try
Triplex & get more.

Press Release Body: Everyone noticed sometimes that any SuperFilm-2 or SuperFilm-45
not a such interesting thing as a simply SuperFilm which is first, unforgettable.
They are tasteless and forced. Why so? Perhaps it\'s because of losing an
originality. And script writers complicate essence too much in chase of plot
evolution. And in the games\' world we see the same way. So is it really impossible
to give a game the second life without changing this essence and without losing
novelty and simplicity at the same time? Decide yourself, it\'s up to you!

How many reincarnations of Tetris where there? Five-elemented, three-dimensional,
triangular.. But the classic Tetris is incomparable - four elements in a shape
became the most interesting version. But what if make it easier - three elements in
a shape? Too few combinations? And what if to change the way of composition? There
is only one way to check how much interesting this idea is - checking yourself, but
one thing is guaranteed: number of shapes increased and it means your reaction and
quickness of wit have more influence. Shapes became more interesting and do not look
forced and it means a zest appeared in the game. We hope new rules will be to
anybody\'s taste and Triplex will rejoice fans by it\'s ambiguity and simplicity.

At the disposal of you: redefining control keys, records table, sound effects
(optionally), two next shapes shown in prompt-box, current position in record table
shown while playing, in the future - on-line records table of players.

Note: Triplex runs only on Nokia smartphones of series60 with screen size 176x208.
List of proper devices:

Web Site:

Contact Details: Address: Dnepropetrovskaya st., 109 \\ 54, Odessa

Phone Number: +380663964610

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