Two Top Forex Traders Reveal Jealously Guarded Trading Secrets

Released on: February 25, 2008, 5:32 pm

Press Release Author: Forex Traders Daily

Industry: Financial

Press Release Summary: Two top Forex traders responsible for managing funds worth
over 10 million dollars - and producing millions in profits - reveal their jealously
guarded trading secrets in exclusive one-time Web event

Press Release Body:

Respected mentor Dustin Pass and legendary recluse and maverick trader Jonathan
Silver join up for historic \"Meet and Greet\" Webinar

Jacksonville, FL - February 25, 2008: Professional Forex Funds Manager and trading
mentor Dustin Pass today announced news of a groundbreaking international Forex
training event. The event will be held on March 4th and is uniquely designed to help
Forex traders increase their trading knowledge and potential for profit. Pass will
utilize a Webinar-type format, which will give participants an opportunity to ask
questions about the secretive new Bank Flow Trade technique he and enigmatic trading
genius Jonathan Silver have perfected - a technique that has averaged an astounding
900 pips per month.
A trading super-team: the Mysterious Mr. Silver (aka \"Mr. Bank Flow\") and Forex
Live-on-the-News master trader Dustin Pass
Jonathan Silver is a professional trader with an amazing formula for Forex trading
success. He currently manages an exclusive private fund worth in excess of 5 million
dollars. He has regularly turned away offers to manage blocks of funds in the $6
million, $8 million, $10 million dollar range. Silver purposely keeps himself out of
the Forex spotlight and has chosen not to join the mentoring bandwagon. Since Silver
rarely makes public appearances, opportunities to meet and discuss his techniques
and strategies are far and few between. Any trader serious about learning how to
trade successfully in the Forex market should attend this event and hear what Silver
has to say.
Dustin Pass, himself a tremendously successful Forex trader and funds manager, is
known in industry circles for his Live-on-the-News trading service - a service which
generates a handsome 200 pips per month profit. Pass will host the Webinar, and will
interview Silver during the event. Pass will also serve as moderator to field any
questions Webinar participants may have for Silver. Here, for the very first time,
Silver will share previously unreleased information about his \"hidden treasure\" -
the little-known but highly profitable Bank Flow Trading technique he and Pass are
using to pull in upwards of 900 pips per month.
This event will be accessible only via the Internet and attendance is limited to
just 300 participants. In order to attend, traders must be members of Pass' FLOTN
(Forex Live-on-the-News) trading circle. For those not currently a member, 14-day
trial memberships are being offered for a limited time for just $2.99. Simply follow
this link to get your trial membership. Once registered, you will receive an
exclusive invitation via email to sign up for the historic Jonathan Silver Webinar.
In the event that the Webinar is sold out or that you are unable to attend for any
reason, a recording of the event will be made available to you at no charge.
This monumental Meet and Greet event is a rare opportunity to meet and interact with
two of today's most informed and successful Forex figures. The only preparation
needed to take advantage of this opportunity is to secure a 14-day trial membership
to Pass' FLOTN service. Act now to reserve your spot.and see how easily you can
learn to trade Forex with the same expertise as traders like Pass and Silver.

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Contact Details: PO Box 57662
FL, 32257

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