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Released on: February 12, 2008, 8:54 am

Press Release Author: UltimaCalc

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: Algebraic calculator. User functions. Charts. Regression. Std
Deviation. Plots.

Press Release Body: For immediate release.

UltimaCalc Professional now contains a symbolic algebra module. This major new
feature allows users to manipulate algebraic expressions: multiply expressions
together, simplify them, divide one polynomial by another, or factorise a
polynomial. It also does calculus - differentiate an expression, or find Taylor
series. It can integrate a wide range of expressions, and explain how the result was
UltimaCalc is a collection of mathematical tools wrapped up in one program, for use
by scientists, engineers and students. The main window is a calculator that accepts
mathematical expressions as plain text and evaluates them to very high precision.
From the main window, specialised tools can be opened. The Algebra module is one of
these. Another powerful tool is the \'Regression / Least Squares\' tool which contains
a variety of methods to help analyse a set of measurements, or approximate
complicated functions with simpler ones. Calculate linear regression, or use an
absolute deviation fit to minimise the distorting effects of outliers. Perform a
multivariate linear regression when one variable is a linear function of several
others. Fit polynomials and other non-linear expressions to the data.
Also very popular is the Standard Deviation tool. This calculates up to 16 different
statistics for a set of data, including the mean, median, standard deviation,
estimated population standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis and various standard
errors. This is also a handy tool for simply adding up a set of numbers.
Other tools solve simultaneous equations and, a recent addition, simultaneous
non-linear equations. Another tool calculates a set of parameters that minimise an
expression. There is also a tool for finding the roots of polynomials.
One tool plots arbitrary functions, up to eight together.
Simple to use, UltimaCalc has a comprehensive help system. Hitting F1 always opens
the relevant page.
Calculations are generally performed to a precision of over 38 digits, but the user
can limit the display to just 8, 12 or 16 digits, and view these in a variety of
formats. The \'engineering\' mode understands suffixes such as k (kilo) and M (mega),
and shows results using these suffixes, where possible. The results can also be
viewed in hexadecimal format, or approximated as various ratios.

Evaluation copy available on request.
Screen shots available at http://www.ultimacalc.com/html/screen_shots.html
and see also http://www.ultimacalc.com/assets/images/screenshot.gif
Anand Shraddhan
6 Walnut Square, Brecon, Powys LD3 8BD, U.K.
Tel: 01874 620130 (U.K.), or (310) 878-4874 (U.S.)

Web Site: http://www.ultimacalc.com

Contact Details: Address: 2 Tyr Porthmon, Brecon
United Kingdom

Phone Number: 01874620130
Email: queries@ultimacalc.com

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