Upgraded eCommerce RMS Shopping Cart Softwa


Released on: February 7, 2008, 11:17 pm

Press Release Author: Avnish Saxena

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: Lan Services offers a Microsoft RMS solution integrating
RMScart shopping cart software with RMS creating two-way communications with your
RMS physical retail store inventory and online eCommerce web site, allowing you to
download new orders and upload inventory.

Press Release Body: RMScart is an eCommerce application that completely and
seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Retail Management System (RMS). RMScart gives
you the ability to quickly create and manage an online store in combination with a
brick and mortar retail operation running RMS. For either online businesses opening
retail locations or retail stores adding online stores, Microsoft RMS and RMScart
give your business a complete solution for maximum revenue in a global market.

RMScart has been developed by LAN Services, LLC to bring together the leaders in
Information Technology (IT) and experts in Online Store design and custom
application and database programming.

"RMScart offers features like no other", says Avnish Saxena, Vice President of Lan
Services, LLC, "RMScart's web interface allows you to create a web store in just a
few steps. Our team of professionals, at no additional cost, helps you in creating
your web store, selecting the products you want to sell online, and launching your
web store. Your web store is built quickly and becomes an extension of your
business, adding convenience and increasing revenue to your bottom line" he added.

RMScart is the most powerful web store solution for Microsoft RMS. A few clicks of
your mouse on the Web Integrator interface and RMScart creates product pages for all
of the products in your RMS database. Then, RMScart publishes those pages in your
web store. From this point forward, you are providing products to customers walking
in to your store and online customers who are surfing the Internet anywhere around
the globe.

In an interview, Avnish says, "RMScart's standard features far exceed those of any
other RMS-compatible Web integration and authoring application". "Inventory
synchronization between your physical store and your web store can be immediate or
scheduled for a later time. Although RMScart is a feature rich application, LAN
Services can easily further customize many features of RMScart to fit your specific
business needs" he further informed.

E-commerce transactions are provided using the state-of-the-art in merchant systems
from the leaders in the banking industry, at the lowest rates in the industry, and
all electronic transactions are supported 24X7 at no additional charge. After the
customer makes a purchase, a fully customized rich text email is sent to the
customer's email address confirming the order. This email contains information such
as Order Confirmation and hyperlinks that take your customer back to the store to
get additional information about their order status, order history or complementary
and available products in your store.

Avnish said, "With RMScart, we provide unlimited FREE technical support, FREE setup,
FREE training, your own domain, Secure hosting, Search Engine Optimization,
registration with Search Engines, maintenance, email boxes, Daily backups, storage,
and 99.99% uptime".

Web Site: http://www.lanservices.com/rms.htm

Contact Details: Anil Jindal
4984 Bridgeview Lane
San Jose, CA 95138
Phone: 408-690-2948
Fax : 1-978-389-5539
Email: anil@lanservices.com

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