Released on: February 27, 2008, 4:01 pm

Press Release Author: Arbor Books

Industry: Entertainment


Press Release Body: (SEATTLE, WA)-While the Nicolas Cage movie National Treasure:
Book of Secrets continues to break box office records, Gary Garner has planned a
treasure hunt of his own. Garner has spent the past five years of his life traveling
across the planet, setting up a global treasure hunt for the readers of his new
book, Through the Eyes of Madness.

The book has an intriguing twist: Garner has a mysterious surprise waiting for
anyone who can decipher the encrypted codes on his website,, which point to physical clues planted on each of
the seven continents. From beginning to end, the book is laced with a visual and
mathematical code-but unlike its fictional cousins, this book's secret is very real.

Each chapter of his new book is richly detailed with real, life-and-death adventures
as he continually puts himself in situations that are seemingly un-survivable.

For the past five years, Garner has literally been homeless and jobless, and more or
less without material possessions. While roaming each of the seven continents in
search of a simpler life, he experienced:
. Witnessing a brutal murder on the South China Sea
. The wrath of an angry mob in the midst of a Nepalese civil war
. His own near-death experience at the heights of Mt. Everest
. Being ambushed and robbed in Costa Rica by very unusual suspects
. Countless other harrowing escapes that illustrate valuable and moving life lessons

"I quit my job as the successful CEO, president and owner of several Seattle-based
firms, and embarked on a global journey with nothing more than my backpack," says
Garner. "And I never looked back."

Garner has broken into the video game world by making the Website that coincides
with his a code-breaking game similar to
an alternative reality game (ARG).

"Once people uncover the hidden elements in the book, they can go online and unlock
the cryptic stones on my Website," says Garner. "When a reader is able to unlock a
stone, they will unearth new clues hidden in various forms of media, which will
eventually point to physical clues I've planted throughout the world. It will take a
community of extremely motivated, intelligent and pure-hearted people from around
the world working together to find what I have hidden, but someday I am sure my
secret will be discovered"

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