Want a Peaceful Future

Released on: February 20, 2008, 10:54 pm

Press Release Author: Pacific Way Foundation

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary: Futuristic Technology Challenges, One Environmental, One
Social, Needs You.

Press Release Body: Vancouver BC, February 21, 2008. Pacific Way Foundation,
incorporated in 2001 as an educational non-profit, launched www.CPrize.org with two
challenges and a handful of proposed challenges. Pacific Way pledged multimillion
dollar schools it owns outright in the short-term absence of matching grants,
sponsors or donors; and is preparing to fundraise the rest via business using

Two Technology Challenges offer $25 and $15 million dollar prizes, one aimed at
highspeed, cheap transportation with environmental benefits, which competes head-on
with the Google Lunar X-prize, making rocket transport for their lunar landing
obsolete. No fuels are burned in the HiBots Challenge, only electrograviticmagnetic
forces are used. Some think the models look like a UFO.

Life-Phaser challenge is a social remedy aimed at security and law enforcement. It
protects the lives of offenders in the course of enforcement duty. Deaths caused by
firearms and tasers may become criminal offences once this challenge is won. One
point to note: the first color LCD screens we take for granted were a million dollar
technology challenge started nearly 20 years ago. Would notebook computer screens,
Blackberries and iPhones exist without its winners?

Did you want a change from war and killing of innocents, and faster transportation
without environmental pollution? International team challengers are welcome. The
HiBots challengers material cost of their model is expected to be under $3000 so
physics and engineering students without the resources of huge aero-space industries
can compete. Life-Phaser costs even less.

Winning teams become world-class heroes. Technology applications spinning from these
challenges create leaps forward for both science, and humanity. HiBots success
provides a reasonable preemptive alternative to nuking astronomic threats and
doomsday concerns like Deep Impact which is expected to threaten our world in the
generation ahead.

Historic and prophetic evidence for this form of transportation exists. Some people
say the technology already is here 'somewhere', in arcane settings, Area 51 or
'elsewhere'. Yet since no commercial purposes exist yet, teams are invited to apply
their dreams, visions and hands to the challenge and create a new technology. Teams
are given a major clue how to find the technology and ways to decipher the clues
provided. Teams also become partners in a creative, peaceful future. Visionaries see
ways to achieve the desired result, sceptics won't.

Web Site: http://www.cprize.org/cprize-press2.pdf

Contact Details: Lorna Bank, 604-595-7645 or 888-PRIZE-33
#3-1690 Nanaimo St
Vancouver BC, V5L 5E2

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