Way to France still open

Released on: February 27, 2008, 7:14 am

Press Release Author: Jim watson

Industry: Real Estate

Press Release Summary: With the credit crunch grabbing so many headlines many might
find it hard to believe that there are still any prospects for French property.

Press Release Body: With the credit crunch grabbing so many headlines many might
find it hard to believe that there are still any prospects for French property.

Yet this seems to be far from the case. France retains an attractiveness and variety
that should continue to keep the levels of interest high.

At least, this seems to be so in the case of the Cote D\'Azur Property. This
Mediterranean hotspot, famous enough for its sun, sand, yachting and proximity to
inland wine-growing areas, nightlife and cultural melting pots has now attracted a
new online service, run by French property specialist FrenchEntree.

Stating that the region is one \"which will always grow in terms of popularity\", the
site has launched dedicated sections for all the usual suspects: Nice, St Tropez, St
Raphael, Cannes, Antibes and Monaco (which, of course, isn\'t actually in France)
among others.

Confidence in this area, where buy-to-let investors will find plenty of tourists to
rent to, is one thing. But France has many different markets for numerous tastes.

This being the week of Valentines Day, the \"most romantic city in the world\" - at
least according to a car advert - had its charms featured in the Daily Telegraph
this week. Living in Paris, of course, has taken on a new potential dimension with
the arrival of the faster Eurostar, making possible a dual life of living in France
and working in London.

For those looking to buy property there the fashionable areas remain expensive, the
paper notes. Left Bank apartments now cost the tidy sum of 6,785 per sq metre. A
rather more affordable offering would be a one-bedroom apartment in the Marais
district at 285,000. In the same district Knight Frank is said to be trading loft
apartments for 370,000.

Of course, in a city as large as Paris there are bound to be a varied range of flats
and of course different attractions and features in each area. As ever, of course,
the key for investors is to find something that can either be rented out or bought
and then resold at a decent profit.

Getting into the property market in France to start with is not difficult, VEF
Property has said. It noted in particular that if people were trying to buy in
France but found that the sale of a UK property to fund the purchase was delayed,
then it would still be possible to take out a short-term mortgage to the value of 85
per cent of the value of the French property.

This, the firm noted, gives the buyer new options. For one, such deals allow a
year\'s grace for the buyer to redeem the mortgage with no penalties, allowing an
extra 12 months to sell the UK house, or alternatively, the UK house can be rented
out to pay for the mortgage in France.

By having such deals available, UK property investors may just find they have that
little bit extra flexibility to enter the French market or expand an existing
portfolio there.

In today\'s world Property investment is an excellent investment option especially
investment in UK

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