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Released on: February 12, 2008, 3:43 am

Press Release Author: Prathap

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: Get your professional web design package and improve
usability of your website, and own a website custom made especially for you. And
that too as cheap as a pocket radio!!!

Press Release Body: Get your professional web design package and improve usability
of your website, and own a website custom made especially for you. And that too as
cheap as a pocket radio!!!

India, Bangalore, 9th February 2008- Prathap, a leading web designer and a Software
programmer who has built many websites, from interactive game sites to professional
help sites, has designed a new website web-design-hub.com, with all his experience
and study fed to it, to help out people during their confusions and hassles while
building a web site.
Have you ever encountered problems while building a website?
Nowadays every individual has or wants own a website, which may be of personal uses
like for entertainment, movies, music, games, and dating etc., or of official uses
like health, sales, reservation, insurance, and real estate etc.,
Some of them go to a web designer to build themselves a website for a hefty price,
but most of them go through series of confusion and trauma in building a website,
which finally ends up in wasting of valuable money, time and rest.
Wait there is more to know!!!!!
Many people discover that once they begin building a website they end up in a
dilemma state, not knowing where to start again, as the website will be dealing with
their personal and economical needs.
So, what are these hassles that we are talking about???
Web-Design-Hub.com deals with issues like: rules in website design, handling clients
and visitors, generating revenue with good planning, good design practices, the
importance of sitemap, improving the usability of the website and many more.
Further more dealing with web design elements which should be avoided, when is the
right time to redesign, who is audience, why hire a designer??, using graphic
templates, easy methods to own a website with step-by- step instructions, to build a
better navigation console, website customization and much more.
But why to know these things??

Because, Once you get to know these topics, you'll know the in and outs of internet,
hence becoming a internet-guru, you'll earn yourself a key to a whole new world, the
options are endless and you will soon realize the benefits and gains of creating
websites and what's more the site will also be updating from time to time about the
new upgrades in the WORLD WIDE WEB.

And there are further more benefits!!!

This might be the only hobby which can generate money, putting your creativity into
right use, which will help you in building your intelligence quotient, which not
only helps with your intelligence and money, but also helps you in spending some
quality time with your family and friends, helping you to escape from that dumb old
cubicle. Don't miss opportunity, log on now to http://www.web-design-hub.com and be
independent, intelligent entrepreneur to design your website.

Web Site: http://www.web-design-hub.com

Contact Details: Media Contact:

#77, NR Towers, 2nd Floor,
100 Feet Ring Road, Banashankari 3rd stage,
Bangalore - 560085, Karnataka, India
Phone - (080) 26722344
Email ID: webdesignhub2@gmail.com
Website: http://www.web-design-hub.com

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