Wireless Integrator Systems Support Solutions Delights in Long Standing CRM Selection

Released on: February 15, 2008, 11:49 am

Press Release Author: Thomas R. Cutler

Industry: Software

Press Release Summary: Wireless Integrator Systems Support Solutions Delights in
Long Standing CRM Selection

Press Release Body: Commence Corporation is a leading provider of Customer
Relationship Management solutions. The company's products are designed to provide
growing businesses with flexible solutions that leverage the Web to offer an
integrated platform for managing sales execution and customer service. Commence
supports several thousand customers through a worldwide distribution network, with
outlets in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

System Support Solutions, Inc., President, Peter Schoon, recently noted, "I firmly
believe that companies stubbornly hanging onto expensive, antiquated methods of
doing business will go away little by little. The ones that fight home-officing,
telecommuting, web collaterals delivery, one-number phone services (desk/cell), and
maintain the large expensive staff levels will soon figure out it's not the way to
go. Commence CRM fits the "lean/mean/machine" model where ten do the work of 20 or
30, work smarter not harder, and accomplish more / make more money individually as
well as for the enterprise."

The top three benefits System Support Solutions has experienced (according to
Schoon) as a result of Commence CRM include:

Commence allows us to maintain soft "drip marketing" contact with all proposal
recipients without the cost and management of a large sales group. We have learned
that to effectively close sales, we do need to stay in touch with our customers, but
also that they prefer an occasional email to having their day interrupted by a sakes
call on the phone.

Commence is a great proposal creation tool, and also provides extremely efficient
management of our extensive set of quote documents.

Whether it's a contact phone number, email tracks, or shipping address; Commence is
a safe, reliable repository for the "blood in our veins", without which we would be

Many small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) have taken notice of Commence Corporation
(www.commence.com), a provider of on-premise and hosted web-based solutions designed
specifically for this businesses sector. The company is gaining momentum and
marketshare with Commence On-Demand, a suite of CRM (customer relationship
management) applications that is deployed as software as a service (SaaS).

According to Larry Caretsky, President of Commence CRM, "We are delighted that
System Support Solutions and other small businesses are able to gain so much benefit
from the technology solutions we provide."

Schoon's praise of Commence continued: "The really surprising thing about Commence
is that is was so far ahead of the rest of the world when we first adopted it
(1990), and now, going on twenty years later, still is!"

Commence Corporation
Larry Caretsky

Web Site: http://www.commence.com

Contact Details: Commence Corporation
200 Tornillo Way
Suite 200
Tinton Falls, NJ 07712

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