YURVA Revolutionizes the Way Small Businesses Get Things Done

Released on: February 25, 2008, 7:11 am

Press Release Author: Nancy Naigles/Yurva LLC

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: Yurva, a virtual assistance firm, is designed to increase
efficiency and productivity for American small businesses.

Press Release Body: If small business owners have ever wondered how to create more
hours in a day, Yurva has found a way to make that possible by helping owners focus
on the "big things" and less on minute administrative tasks.

The #1 reason for small business failure is the inability of owners/managers to
effectively maintain the fundamental aspects of running a business. In addition to
the time consumed by finance, operations, marketing, management and sales
activities, owners are also forced to perform day-to-day tedious administrative
tasks that are necessary. These tasks rarely lead to profits or allow for
productive use of time. Imagine the potential growth if all the time spent on
bookkeeping, sending invoices, answering e-mails and all other administrative
responsibilities, was freed to focus on the "big picture" tasks.

Yurva is determined to help small business owners maximize their time by allowing
them to outsource all tedious administrative tasks associated with running their
businesses. For those owners that feel they do not have the income to hire help,
Yurva is a much less expensive alternative, as they will not have to worry about the
overhead associated with hiring a full-time employee. For those who feel they have
no time to locate and train help, Yurva would free up the time for them. In either
situation, without help, business owners find themselves overwhelmed, drained and
left with no creative energy. By utilizing Yurva's services, owners will experience
more time and money resulting in higher profits.

There are other services similar to Yurva in the marketplace. Many of them are "one
man shows" or large companies overseas. All of Yurva's professional and experienced
staff are American and speak fluent English. This important attribute eliminates
the inefficiency of dealing with a language barrier and/or experience. All business
services are customized to fit the unique needs of each client (another aspect not
offered by most competitors). Once a custom program is established, a recurring
monthly charge is set up as to allow the client to easily control the costs
associated with this service. Yurva understands the importance of controlling
overhead. This cost structure is ideal, especially for a small business trying to

In the spirit of the American Dream, Yurva is dedicated to help small businesses
across the country reach their potential. If more business owners had time to make
plans to reach their own vision, develop new products and spend time with clients
their potential is endless. Yurva would like to be the resource to make that happen
for them by aiding in their success in such a competitive marketplace.

For more information on Yurva, please e-mail nancy@yurva.com.

About Yurva

Yurva is a virtual assistance firm established in February of 2008. The company is
owned and operated by Nancy Naigles and Nathan Ciara. Our mission is to become the
leader in the up and coming virtual assistance industry. We will strive to improve
the quality of life for our individual clients as well as increase productivity and
efficiency for our small business clientele. Yurva LLC hopes to build strong, long
lasting relationships with clients in order to provide the highest quality service
while still minimizing costs.

Web Site: http://www.yurva.com

Contact Details: 25 Channing Rd
Watertown, MA 02472

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