tyBit(tm) Revs Up Global Keyword Registry with 20 per cent Discounts

Released on: February 14, 2008, 6:44 am

Press Release Author: Michelle Wallace

Industry: Advertising

Press Release Summary: tyBitT Unified Search announces pre-registration period for
keyword registry with 20% off , Ad Module for beta testing and, as well as new shop

Press Release Body: FAYETTEVILLE, N.C.-- --Today, tyBitT (www.tybit.com) of NC
announced three major initiatives as it moves from Beta to full production by second
quarter 2008. According to company officials, tyBitT has 84 major partners in its
pipeline representing over 62 million tyBitT search engine users worldwide. "First,
the ad module is open for Beta and free sign up," said Clarence Briggs, CEO of
tyBitT. "Second, we are allowing pre-registration of Keywords for our Global Keyword
RegistryT or GKRT. Third, we are pleased to announce our new "shop" function so
users can search and compare pricing for products and services across the web. We
are predicting that we will have over one million searches a month by end of 2nd
quarter from real people and not bots," said Briggs. "This is the kind of quality
traffic advertisers deserve and after the partner module goes live we expect triple
growth monthly."

Preregistration for tyBit keywords has been launched. As William Harrison of Lottery
Software, LLC knows firsthand, click fraud is real, expensive, and shows no signs of
disappearing. "The problem is the affiliate model based on pay-per-click. The
credibility of a system where affiliates get paid every time my ads on their
websites are clicked is shady. I am looking forward to this new model." Today,
tyBitT announced its solution to the click fraud problem with the launch of its
Global Keyword RegistryT. "The GKRT is 100% click fraud free, we've removed the
motive for it completely. Our keyword registrants purchase a word or phrase for a
period of time, like 24 hours, and regardless how many times their ads are clicked,
advertisers pay one flat rate for that period," said Sean McCoy, CMO of tyBitT.
Today the company announced the extension of its 20% discount off Keyword
pre-registrations until Friday, February 29th, 2008. You can visit the tyBit web
site for more information on Keyword pre-registrations and download the promotional
code coupon here http://tribune.aitcom.net/tybit/2008/01/29/coupon.html. The
Global Keyword Registry gives customers who pre-register, the ability to purchase a
Keyword and secure their position for a minimum of 120 days. Businesses can open
their 100% click fraud free Keyword accounts at https://.ads.tybit.com.
Company officials have opened the Keyword Registry for pre-registration so future
tyBitT Advertisers and Keyword Registrars (or resellers) can take advantage of this
new form of online advertising and be first to register their keywords at
https://ads.tybit.com. The pre-registration period will continue until end of 2nd
Quarter 2008 when tyBitT officially opens for business. "This is similar to
pre-registration for domain names for new Top Level Domains or TLDs," said McCoy.
"The instant the tyBitT ad module is out of Beta and goes live, registered keywords
will be controlled by keyword registrants or keyword resellers who pre-registered,
and for a period of 30 days they may use them or resell them at any price they
choose. During the Beta period the pre-registered keywords will still be displayed
in the tyBitT search interface and relevant to the natural searches performed until
the ad module Beta is over and the bidding system goes live. Many companies spend in
excess of six or even seven figures a month on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in
the search engines. With tyBitT, keyword registrants can achieve a first mover
position by registering and using or reselling valuable keywords. Our Beta
registrants will get first crack at working with the new ad module," according to
The Ad module is open for Beta testing. "We have over 5,000 advertisers currently in
the system and during the Beta period, they are advertising for free," said Kitti Jo
Finch, GM of tyBitT. "The ad module is up and running and we are soliciting
advertiser feedback as we put the finishing touches on the search engine for our
scheduled debut second quarter." Officials announced that the next generation ad
module is already in development and can actually deliver text, audio or video ads
based on keyword relevancy displaying results Desktops, PDAs, or cell phones. "Now
any business can have a very affordable television commercial on the web," said
Finch. "And tyBitT provides three types of advertising opportunities including
pay-per-click without click fraud, CPA or cost-per-action and KWR or
tyBitT just added another search tool to its arsenal of growing user benefits that
allows users to search, surf, shop and compare for the best deals. Not only does it
search multiple engines, protect your privacy, accelerate searching and provide
users with fresh content based on preferences, it allows them to shop the web. "I
actually asked my mother what she wanted in a search engine for this one," said
Michael Roberts, CIO and head of technology for tyBitT. "We really are trying to
make the user experience feature packed. We now search several engines and
directories so tyBitT users can shop for items and compare pricing and terms of
service, this is truly one-stop-shopping. The next release will add several language
translations like Spanish, Chinese, and German. We are also building a social
network and best of all a web-based version for an affiliate program without click
fraud. Soon, anyone with a website can earn money by signing up to become a tyBit
Web PartnerT and have
Company officials also announced that the long-awaited Partner Module where select
tyBitT Partners receive 40% of gross revenues generated by subscribers using the
Partner's tyBitT ID is nearing completion. ''The initial spark that drove the
development of tyBit was our dissatisfaction with the search industry's pay per
click model and the associated click fraud," said Briggs. "Our partners have
indicated that they are frustrated because they don't feel they are getting their
fair share of the interactive advertising dollars even though they have the
relationship with subscribers. They also want customization and transparency which
they aren't getting now. We can deliver this to them with tyBit." 'While the major
search engines seem preoccupied with becoming media content moguls, tyBit seems
intent on redefining the search paradigm to produce greater relevancy, reduce click
fraud, and offer channel partners a piece of the search advertising pie. Last year
with a pre-beta version, tyBitT won Best Product runner-up at the Channel Partner
Expo Show in Las Vegas. "It's an interesting development that we will definitely
keep our eye on" said Berge Kaprelian, President and CEO of Beka Publishing of
Channel Vision magazine. "tyBit is an interesting initiative because it combines
unique technology with a business model that allows traditional media to get back
into the game and earn their share in the advertising market," said Paul Stapleton,
Managing Director of DH Capital, LLC.
tyBitT is affiliated with AIT (www.AIT.com) a web hosting and domain registration
company that has achieved 12 straight years of sustained profitability and has
generated $100s of millions in revenue while creating a profound economic influence
on its surrounding community. AIT has been named 2 times to the Inc. 500 list of
fast growing firms, 3 times to the Deloitte & Touche Fast 500 list, and has been
previously named as the NC Entrepreneur Firm of the Year. Additionally, Briggs
recently returned from Washington, DC after briefing Senators Elizabeth Dole and
Richard Burr about the formation of the Briggs-tyBit Charitable Foundation for
Education. The mission of the foundation is to provide 30 to 40 % of tyBitT's gross
revenues to fund education in North Carolina.

For tyBit, Inc.
Wallace Group Public Relations
Michelle Wallace, 910-321-1246;

Web Site: http://www.tybit.com

Contact Details: Wallace Group Public Relatiosn
536 Ramsey Street
Fayetteville, NC 28301

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