100,000 Jobs and Growing on ManagerCrossing

Released on: March 11, 2008, 4:48 pm

Press Release Author: Robin Salisian / EmploymentScape

Industry: Management

Press Release Summary:
With more than 100,000 jobs on ManagerCrossing, viewers will now have an easier time
discovering their dream jobs.

Press Release Body: Pasadena, CA, March 3, 2008 -- In just one month,
ManagerCrossing's collection of job listings has skyrocketed from 60,000 jobs to
more than 114,000 jobs, making ManagerCrossing (www.ManagerCrossing.com) the fastest
growing managerial-job-search site in the world.

According to CEO A. Harrison Barnes, "ManagerCrossing isn't only growing faster by
the month but by the week as well. We are, after all, determined to find each and
every manager job out there. This kind of growth should only prove to users that
ManagerCrossing is the place to come to find their dream jobs."

And, as Barnes mentioned, ManagerCrossing is not only growing by the month but also
by the week. Just last week, over 15,000 new jobs were added to the site, including
positions for accounting supervisors, audit managers, controllers, directors of
purchasing, and many, many more. With this kind of growth, members of the site can
feel confident when perusing the extensive database of manager jobs. Can't find a
job today? Come back again soon -- the job you're looking for could be added at any

While the site typically costs $29.95 per month, sign-up is currently free for seven
full days. With this free seven-day trial, users can view not only all the jobs on
ManagerCrossing but all the jobs listed on EmploymentCrossing as well -- that's over
1 million jobs!

The inspiration behind it all has been the tremendous success of LawCrossing
(www.lawcrossing.com), which features the largest collection of active legal jobs in
the world, including more than 100,000 positions at top law firms, corporations,
public interest organizations, and government offices throughout the U.S.

Since its launch in July 2003, LawCrossing has become the world's largest
legal-career-placement website. The site is another brainchild of Barnes, who, in
2000, founded EmploymentScape, the hugely successful parent company of LawCrossing.
LawCrossing's team of more than 300 staff members monitors the hiring needs of more
than 250,000 legal employers throughout the U.S. and worldwide. LawCrossing counts
tens of thousands of law students, attorneys, and legal staff professionals as

Robin Salisian, Editorial Coordinator

About EmploymentScape:

Established in 2000, EmploymentScape has been helping job seekers find employment
for more than seven years. Today, EmploymentScape has grown into an international,
multimillion-dollar affiliation of more than 15 profitable companies and 300
enthusiastic employees.

Web Site: http://www.employmentscape.com

Contact Details: Robin Salisian
175 S Lake Suite 200
Pasadena, CA 91101

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