Additron Technologies, Inc. believes oil prices might continue to drop.


Released on: March 28, 2008, 4:29 pm

Press Release Author: Additron Technologies, Inc.

Industry: Energy

Press Release Summary: Leaders in the coal-to-fuel industry, believe crude oil prices will continue to "soften over the next few quarters" after dropping from a record three months ago.

Press Release Body: SHANGHAI, R.O.C., March 29, 2008 --

Profit is "holding up pretty well", Additron CEO Alexander Chen in a Chinese Network television interview in Shanghai, China, where he is attending meetings with key CPC officials. "Despite the subprime crisis, commodity prices, including oil, have remained strong and that’s how we earn profits for our shareholders."

Crude oil fell on concern that an emergency interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve will not be enough to prevent a global slowdown that will curb demand for commodities.

Additron Technologies, Inc., based in China, has been busy signing lucrative licensing agreements with leaders in the coal-to-fuel industry.

The Major Oil companies have tripled profit over the past four years as oil advanced. The Fed recently cut its benchmark interest rate by three-quarters of a percentage point, its first emergency reduction since 2001, to ward off a recession.

Additron Technologies, Inc. did not expect any "drastic" adjustments in coal prices soon, Chen said.

Additron Technologies, Inc. holds a privileged position sitting atop the coal-to-fuel companies operating in the lucrative Chinese market.

Additron is scheduled to announce plans for as many as three new 80,000-barrel-a-day coal-to-fuel plants in the next four to five years.

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