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Released on: March 28, 2008, 2:52 pm

Press Release Author: Apollo Business Centers

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: Apollo Business Centers presents the finest in Beverly Hills virtual offices that let you grow your business, not your overhead.

Press Release Body: Apollo Business Centers is pleased to announce that every business can now enjoy the prestige of a Beverly Hills address. No matter how long you’ve been in business or where you choose to work from, everyone with whom you conduct business will be able to contact you at your Beverly Hills address, one of the most recognizable addresses on the planet. The ability to conduct business and have your clients meet with you in your Beverly Hills office is now a reality.

The number one cause of business failure is excessive expenses. Instead of wasting precious capital every month for unused or underused office space, a virtual office supplied by Apollo Business Centers eliminates excessive costs. This lets you grow your business, not your overhead.

With services beginning with a highly desirable mail address and extending up to our optimal Transfer Package where both telephone and mail are channeled through our Beverly Hills location, establishing a business presence in this exclusive city is possible at a tiny fraction of what you’d expect to pay. Our prices begin at an incredible $75 a month for our Mail Package that lets you receive mail and packages at your Beverly Hills address.

Our other plans build on that service, and both our Standard and Transfer Packages include a live secretary who will answer your telephone calls. While our Basic Plan gives you a private phone number and voicemail box, our enhanced plans increase your business presence by adding an in-person secretary who can sign for packages as well as answering your incoming telephone calls with a personal greeting. With our Standard package, the caller will be placed on hold and, after a moment, notified that you are unavailable at the moment and offered the opportunity to leave you a private message. Our Transfer Plan takes this service a step farther and the secretary will contact you to see whether or not you wish to take the call. The caller will then be transferred to you or directed to your voicemail box, depending on your decision.

You can conduct your business from anywhere you choose, at home, from a low-cost warehouse, or from a remote spa. You can receive packages or mail at your Beverly Hills address and you can use that same address as your return address on all your correspondence. For a modest fee, we can forward your mail to you, or you or anyone you designate can drop by and pick it up.

With the addition of telephone services, Apollo Business Centers can provide your business with a complete business solution. Our Basic Package adds a unique telephone number in the Beverly Hills area. Calls to that number are forwarded to a voicemail system 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Expanding on that service, our Standard Package provides a live receptionist during normal Beverly Hills office hours who will answer your incoming calls with a personalized greeting before alerting your callers that you are busy and letting them leave you a private message. With our Transfer Program, the call is immediately transferred to a number you provide after being answered in Beverly Hills.

Make arrangements to meet your clients in your Beverly Hills office. Any time you need to meet with a client or conduct a business meeting, our attractive board room is available for rent by the hour, with fax and video conferencing services available. Our meeting room boasts an excellent view of this inspiring city, and a meeting at your Beverly Hills, 90210, address is certain to impress customers or reward business partners. Everyone will be eager to visit this one-of-a-kind location. Imagine being able to extend an offer to meet with you in your Beverly Hills office and how well that invitation will be received!

If your business is already established, but you need a quick or temporary branch office or meeting space in Beverly Hills or the Los Angeles area, a virtual office supplied by Apollo Business Centers is your best choice. We’ve seen the future of doing business while reducing expenses and have been providing these services for years. Traveling sales personnel can profit by having a branch location from which to conduct sales meetings that are close to their clients, as will business people who may need a one-time or established location to host crucial meetings with suppliers or investors. A virtual office is the perfect way for everyone to conduct business and perform just as if they were in costly, owned office space.

We offer our service packages on either a month-to-month basis or by longer term agreement. You can establish your business presence in Beverly Hills immediately and avoid wasting money on security deposits or having it tied up in a costly lease. This is how we let you grow your business, not your overhead.

We have over three years experience offering virtual office services and exceeding our customers’ expectations, and Cameron Hassid has been involved with investment banking, real estate lending, and commercial real estate sales for over eight years. His experience has given him a unique insight into virtual offices, which he sees as the way business will be done in the future. To prepare for that future, and to provide these desirable services to every business, Apollo Business Centers intends to add two additional locations by the end of this year. Mr. Hassid’s vision is to expand Apollo Business Centers’ reach to include every major US city within three years, and, within five, to be the pre-eminent provider of excellent, affordable virtual offices around the world.

For a more complete overview of our services, please visit where all of our plans and services are described in detail. We are always happy to answer your questions, and inquiries may be directed to (866) 923-2437.

Immediate occupancy is available, without any limits except those you impose on yourself.

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