Be a Love Hero

Released on: March 26, 2008, 7:02 pm

Press Release Author: chef robert and barb catherine/ romp thru concepts

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: April 23rd is Lovers Day. Be someone\'s Love Hero.

Press Release Body: Windsor, Ontario March 27,2008

Men, romance is not a word to be feared. It's a word that will bring joy, passion,
and great pleasure to your life. Being romantic is not difficult and in fact is very
Men have to realize that women want romance.
It is about making your partner feel sexy, wanted, loved and cared for. She wants to
know that you still love how she looks and she makes you feel like a man.
Being a love hero will help you turn romance into a word that will bring music to
your ears and songs of joy to your heart, not to mention other things.
A love hero is a person that does something for their partner without looking for
anything in return. Do it just because you can. Remember, women are auditory. Give
her a flower, a kiss, tell her that you love her, write her a note, or tell her that
you appreciate the food she cooks.
Skip watching a sporting event and do something she would like to watch or do. She
will be impressed by your sacrifice. Do it and enjoy being with her. Snuggle with
her, treat it like a first date, and ask her questions.
While doing this learn what she likes. You both have changed over the years and like
different things. Tune in and listen.
You have taken your first step to becoming a love hero.
Remember to be a love hero at least once a week. If you like the results, you can be
a love hero as often as you want. Be careful what you wish for. It might come

Chef Robert and Barb are the authors of Chef Robert Presents Romantic Dinners for
Two and relationship experts on the television program Get Married.


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Contact Details: Chef Robert and Barb
519 250 6095

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