Coolest Stuff introduces the Latest Australian multi shot Firewheel Rubber Band Toy Gun in the UK

Released on: March 31, 2008, 5:11 am

Press Release Author: Yannick Niamkey

Industry: Retail

Press Release Summary: The Firewheel is a rubber band machine gun designed to give
kids as well as adults a projectile-firing toy gun that can be used without risk of
injury. Users in Australia reckon this is a unique toy packed with features and

Press Release Body: London, United Kingdom. 31St March 2008 -
announce today that they are the first e-tailer to stock the Firewheel Rubber Band
toy gun in the UK. The Firewheel is a rubber band gun unlike anything you will have
seen before. It can shoot up to 10 specially designed and safe rubber bands that
sting just enough to get a point across. Shoot in single shot, rapid fire or the
most excellent shot gun mode.

. Fires standard size 16 rubber bands
. Variable Rate of Fire : With a little practice, you can accurately control both
the rate of fire in full auto, and the length of bursts, or you can elect to fire in
a single-shot / semi-automatic mode.
. Shotgun Mode : Select this mode and the whole magazine unloads as a single
\"shotgun charge\".
. Closed-Barrel Design : This enables the Firewheel to look and function like a real
. \"Equalizing Ridge": This is built into the internals of the barrel and corrects
the flight of the bands as they are released.
. Accurate Sights: These are integral with the \"Equalizing Ridge\" above, and enable
a true line-of-fire sighting. You sight down the actual flight path of the bands.
. Folding Stock: Combined with the sights, this enables the Firewheel to be used as
an accurate sniping rifle.
. Night Play: Specially designed glow in the dark bands make great tracer bullets
for nighttime action. (Coming Soon)
. Owner\'s Manual: Includes detailed instruction on using the Firewheel, helpful
information, and a range of games to play.

. Magazine Capacity : 10-Shot
. Ammunition: standard Size 16 rubber bands.
. Maximum band stretch ; 14.8\" (37.5 cm)
. Length: 16\" (40 cm) - with folding stock retracted.
. Total Range : approx 25 ft (7.6 m)

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