Emergency Traffic Control System

Released on: March 3, 2008, 7:30 am

Press Release Author: Nancy

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary: HorizonSignal is manufacturer of traffic control device,
portable traffic signal, portable traffic light, work zone safety equipment, traffic
light control systems and flagging traffic control alternatives for traffic

Press Release Body: When a disaster strikes, traffic usually grinds to a halt. href=\"http://www.horizonsignal.com\">Horizon Signal Technologies is a leader in
portable traffic equipment and traffic systems. Our Emergency Traffic control device
can be used whenever and wherever tragedy occurs. When fires, hurricanes, cyclones,
earthquakes, natural disasters or wars knock out power and disrupt necessary
traffic, our portable traffic equipment can quickly and efficiently get traffic
moving once again.

The portable traffic signal works to protect and save motorist\'s lives. Here are
some of our traffic safety equipment features:

1. Permanent signal knockdown.
2. One lane work zone safety.
3. Permanent signal moving.
4. Urgent situation traffic control.
5. About 30 minute setup.
6. Immediate driver recognition and respect.

The SQ2 Portable Traffic Control System is one of the best portable traffic or
emergency traffic signals because of its ease of transportation and set up at
disaster zones. It can also be used for a wide variety of road reconstruction and
resurfacing traffic control projects.

Many state departments of transportation (DOT) use the SQ2 Portable Traffic Control
System which conforms to MUTCD guidelines. The system improves overall work zone
safety, is deployed and operational quickly, and is respected and recognized by

A typical DOT project, perfect for an SQ2 portable system might involve deck
patching on a bridge which gets considerable traffic volume. When used correctly to
control traffic around the construction site, the SQ2 keeps traffic moving smoothly,
without backups. The DOT project finishes quicker than normally because two
additional workers, who would normally be assigned the dangerous task of flagging
traffic, can now work on the road decking project. The SQ2 comes with a wireless
remote control which can be used during critical stages of the project to maintain
traffic flow with the push of a button.

In addition to portable traffic signals, href=\"http://www.horizonsignal.com\">Horizon Signal Technologies also
manufactures portable traffic lights and speed control devices. Check out more of
our great products and see case studies of our products in use at our website,

Web Site: http://www.horizonsignal.com

Contact Details: satya@painternetmarketing.com
Phone : 800-852-8796
Fax : 610-687-5123
216 Line Road
City : Malvern
State : PA
Code : 19355

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