ManiacTools Releases MP3 Recorder Studio 59

Released on: March 6, 2008, 11:22 pm

Press Release Author: ManiacTools

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: An excellent application for hassle-free sound recording from
multiple sources!

Press Release Body: When it comes to recording music, a well-equipped sound
production studio is the first place you will think of. However, if your needs do
not span that far, any modern PC will suffice for some basic sound recording tasks.
The choice of the right recording tool is not as easy it may seem initially. If you
feel that the complexity of professional audio software is excessive and the scarce
functionality of the standard Windows tools is disappointing, MP3 Recorder Studio
may well be the next best thing for you.

MP3 Recorder Studio is a compact tool intended for recording sound from a microphone
in MP3 and WAV formats. Apart from simple recording, the program boasts a number of
handy features, which many will enjoy. For instance, you can use MP3 Recorder Studio
to capture the sound that is being currently sent to speakers, which allows you to
record the soundtrack of a movie you are watching or a protected WMA that cannot be
normally copied. This will help you avoid recording background noises and keep the
resulting quality as high as possible. MP3 Recorder Studio can be configured to
start recording whenever sound is detected in the selected source and stop when a
pause of the specified duration is found. The program efficiently cuts off silence
and enables you to capture the audio stream into a single file or a set of files
containing recorded intervals, which saves your time and disk space. For better
navigation across the collection of files, the program allows users to create a
catalog and edit ID3 tags. Apparently, all captured files can be immediately played
back. For your convenience, the most important actions can be performed using
configurable hotkey combinations.

In a nutshell, MP3 Recorder Studio is an affordable, compact and easy-to-use tool
that will greatly facilitate and expedite your sound recording tasks by automating
some routine operations and making post-editing unnecessary. Save your time and let
MP3 Recorder Studio do what it does so well!

Web Site:

Contact Details: Address: Att: #101 - 1001,, Vancouver

Phone Number: +380624521320

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