New Emissions Zone Law Means GBP 800 Fine for Charity Aid Workers

Released on: March 13, 2008, 10:30 am

Press Release Author: Hannah Lane

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: New emission laws have meant UK charity Hope & Aid Direct are
struggling to get their vehicles into Europe and reach Kosovo where they deliver aid
directly into the hands of those who need it.

Press Release Body: Hope and Aid Direct volunteers gather and deliver aid to Kosovo
twice a year in trucks which they drive across Europe. This year they have faced an
800 charge to get into Europe thanks to new emissions laws.

The new green emissions law means that all owners of trucks over 7.5 ton that were
built after 2002, now have to pay 200 a day, to go anywhere inside the M25. The
only other options are to fit filters costing over 3500 each, or buy new vehicles.
Unfortunately two of charity\'s trucks fall into this criteria.

All of the trucks will use the ferry from Dagenham Essex, to sail to Holland on
convoy to deliver aid. The two trucks in question will have to pay 200 each to
travel less than half a mile, a total of 800 of donated money to go into and out of
Dagenham! Transport for London say \"NO EXEMTIONS\". However, exemptions are given to
mobile cranes and historical, agricultural and military vehicles- surely aid
vehicles should be added to this list, or atleast be given help to fit the filters
they need.

This week, Hope and Aid trucks leave for Kosovo, the two trucks that fall into the
charge criteria have to be loaded onto a low-loader truck transporter to avoid the
charge. Thankfully this company, who donate their time to service the charity
trucks, are offering the low-loader for free. Without this generous donation, the
charity would have to be sacrificing 800 of donated money to cover this cost (to
travel less than half a mile!) that should be going directly to those that so
desperately need it. This shows that TFL clearly haven't considered the needs of
charities who will need help.

About Hope and Aid Direct
Founded in 1999 Hope and Aid Direct are a 100% voluntary, humanitarian aid charity
whose team members raise their own funds, obtain donations of aid, transport that
aid in convoys of lorries twice a year, and give it out directly into the hands of
the people who need it the most. The donations are made by the public, churches,
clubs, schools and companies. The convoys often carry out humanitarian work whilst
they are away. Hope and Aid Direct has been involved in projects such as rebuilding
schools, renovating orphanages, and delivering aid for third parties who would not
be as welcome in some areas.

Volunteers come from every corner of the UK and from all walks of life. Whilst in
recent years most of our work has been carried out in Kosovo, we have also
distributed humanitarian aid in Romania, Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia.

Web Site:

Contact Details: 18 High Street
CM4 9EEFor media info please contact:
or 07896 694 134

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