RNG35 35mm HD Imaging adapter

Released on: March 13, 2008, 4:40 am

Press Release Author: Tracey Lee

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: The RNG35 is a 35mm adapter that allows you to use 35mm SLR lenses with a camcorder to get great shallow depth of field.

Press Release Body: Using a digital camcorder for professional production work is becoming more and more common these days. The search to make digital video look like film has been ongoing for many years.

In so many cases, even with high-end camcorders like the Panasonic HVX or the Canon XLH1 that boast the ability of 24 frames per second, there is still something missing from the picture.

Pay attention the next time you go see a movie and you will notice how the camera focuses on a subject. Usually, the subject is in perfect focus while the rest of the scene is out of focus. This is how the director gets us to watch a specific part of the film. This is called a shallow Depth of Field.

The RNG35 allows you to get this effect with a basic digital camcorder whether it's an expensive High Definition camcorder or a lower end regular digital camcorder.

Look at some of your footage taken with a digital camcorder and you will notice how flat and in focus everything in the shot is. The RNG35 solves the most common problem that we face in wanting to make our digital footage look like film.

The RNG35 is a vibrating (oscillating) adapter that runs of a small 2 x AA battery power module. The basic set up comes with everything you need to get going if you have a camcorder with a front thread size of 72mm (minus the SLR lens that you have to provide). If your camcorder has a different thread size, no porblem, we also sell common step up rings.

The RNG35 is professionally made with a nice sleek design and it is milled from solid aluminum so it is very lightweight and durable.

The RNG35 is the best 35mm adapter you can get for your money on the market in the professional adapter arena.

Come check out our "Digital Film" footage and you will see the difference.

Web Site: http://www.rng35.com

Contact Details: RNG35 35mm HD Inaging Adapter
Tracey Lee


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