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Released on: March 12, 2008, 11:34 am

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Industry: Retail

Press Release Summary: Retailers find relief in an unstable economy allowing them
new growth, reduced overhead, and an increase in efficiency.

Press Release Body: Today, Retail Management Systems releases their
new site dedicated to allowing retailers to control costs, increase efficiency, and
reduce overhead.

The new website includes products and services that are aimed at
retailers that are floundering and even struggling in a poor economy. \"So, many
retailers are lacking the resources to affordably increase sales, understand their
customer needs, and reduce their monthly overhead. The new site
empowers retailers by delivering sales, training, and marketing tools that are
either free or cost less than the market depicts.\", says Chris Birchby, Owner and
Operator of is releasing video based training tools for both existing and new
retailers. Videos are produced in Flash and Windows Media files, so the retailer
may view them online twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition to video training, has introduced a Do-It-Yourself program
for retailers to affordably introduce the \"Lexus\" of Point of Sale Systems into
their retail locations. \"An effective retail management system is a necessary tool
for every retailer. The marketplace for these point of sale and inventory control
systems is very strong, and most retailers are inundated with options. However, the
key is to find quality and value, which until now was difficult, since technology
and retail never quite meshed well together. Our latest DIY Programs allow
retailers to drive away in a Retail Management System from one of the most
recognized names in the world: Microsoft Corporation. And, the retailer can do so
for pennies on the dollar.\", states Chris Birchby.

Economic pressures push retailers to reconsider expansion and new ventures. We
believe the many tools we deliver through now allows retailers an
affordable means to move forward with their projects and save thousands out of
capital investments. It\'s our opportunity to give back to the retail world, and
we\'re proud we are doing so.\", says Chris Birchby. is a Retail Management Company in Scottsdale, Arizona, offering Point
of Sale and Inventory Control Solutions, Products, and Services to retailers
nationwide throughout the United States. is in their 10th year of
business and is recognized as a professional outfit in their community. may be contacted at info @, at their website, or at 480-422-6300.

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Contact Details: StyleTeks
7047 East Greenway Parkway
Suite 250
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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