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Press Release Summary: Watch Formula One grand prix races On your PC Live streaming
video broadcasts

Press Release Body: CARLSBAD, Calif., D: All Things Digital Conference - August 23,
2007 - Leading digital entertainment services company today unveiled the
new SeeF1, the first media player to make it one-click simple to stream Formula One
(F1) races to users\' computer. The new SeeF1 makes it easy for consumers to watch F1
live races and videos whenever and wherever they want.

\"The new SeeF1 gives consumers more control of Internet video than was ever possible
before,\" said chairman and CEO of \"By floating a \"download this video\"
button next to video seen on thousands of Web sites, SeeF1 makes it one-click
simple. The new SeeF1 is a major step towards realizing our vision of bringing great
digital entertainment to more people on more screens around the world.\" gave the Internet a voice with the first-ever Internet Formula One (F1)
broadcast via the release of the F1Online player, an innovation that garnered a coveted Emmy Award. Since then, the SeeF1 has become one of the most
downloaded software applications on the Internet, with an average of more than 1.5
million copies downloaded daily.

Fast Facts about the New SeeF1:

- Consumers can use the innovative, single-click process to quickly watch an F1 race.

- Consumers don\'t need to worry about video format compatibility issues - the new
SeeF1 supports videos created in the most popular formats.

- SeeF1 features an improved look and feel, a streamlined installation process and
faster video playback.

- SeeF1 will first be released for Windows, and will work with both Microsoft
Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. plans a version for the Mac to be
released later in the year.

\"SeeF1 feeds the appetite consumers have for interesting Web video while maintaining
a connection with the content source.\"

\"Time-shifting of recorded or downloaded content is a natural next step in the
progression of the online video distribution and consumption. For online video fans,
the ability to capture, store and forward content is going to be transformative.\"

A beta of the new SeeF1 will be available for the public in August 2007 via a free
download from Consumers and media are invited to visit the site to participate in the SeeF1 blog, register for product
information and updates, and share ideas about how the new SeeF1's capabilities
could change the face of online video.

Future versions of SeeF1, which are now in development, will enable users to
transfer online video content to their personal media devices for on-the-go viewing.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Address: 100 Main St., Los Angeles
United States of America

Phone Number: 310-655-7888

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