Thousands Protest Worldwide Against Pope`s USA Visit - (Revised)

Released on: March 22, 2008, 6:03 pm

Press Release Author: Ministerio Creciendo en Gracia

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: 30 nations rally simultaneously while hundreds arrive at the
White House days before Pope\'s arrival, advising Bush to deny Ratzinger\'s entrance
into America

Press Release Body: NOTE:::
To all those receiving this second protest press release entitled \"Thousands Protest
Against Pope\'s USA Visit\", please note that the title has changed to include
\"Worldwide\" in
clarification of the global aspect of this historic event. In the text body, the
word \"Thousands\" has been used to refer to the total of people who will protest
simultaneously on an international level,while \"hundreds\" reflects the numbers
expected in Washington on that day. Those who can not travel to the US will do a
manifestation at the US embassy or City Hall of their corresponding country on the
same day.

MIAMI, FL - An astonishing thirty nations are set to protest around the world,while
hundreds arrive in Washington, DC days before Pope Benedict XVI\'s visit,to present
the world with the shock of a lifetime: the largest protest so far against
his controversial trip to America next month, demonstrating shocking evidence to
prove he is the world\'s worst terroris(

Men and women will take the streets waving posters of disturbing statistics that
expose the Vatican\'s gruesome history of mass crimes throughout time. The
well-coordinated event is to take place simultaneously in 30 countries, where those
who can not travel to the United States will gather at the U.S. Embassy or City Hall
of their corresponding nations.

\"We refuse to remain silent about their years of horrifying crime cover-ups!\"
emphasized Dr. Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda, the undeniably powerful man who has
convoked 30 nations to participate in this historic global manifestation. \"We have
discovered overwhelming evidence against the Vatican that proves they are
nothing but a conniving organization of predators, rapists, and criminals
responsible for the sexual abuse of over 100,000 children in the U.S. alone.\"

The international group ascertains this is a political protest demanding President
George W. Bush to do justice by denying entrance to Joseph Ratzinger, President of
the Vatican - a government who has clearly abused its political power and
diplomatic privileges for ill-purposes and to knowingly inflict torture, pain,
terror and
confusion to millions of innocent people worldwide.

Protestors are encouraging victims who have been violated, abused, or anyone who
supports their cause to raise their voices, speak out and join this historic rally.

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