What to Expect - Your Initial Strategy Counseling Session

Released on: March 17, 2008, 9:23 am

Press Release Author: Tax Matters Solutions

Industry: Accounting

Press Release Summary: What can you expect when dealing with tax problems? What can
you expect Tax Matters Solutions to do to solve your problems?

Press Release Body: Knowledge is Power
When you don't know what your particular tax liability is, you can't take action,
and you can't resolve the issue. This creates a stressful psychological state of
perceived powerlessness. The great news is that you can eliminate this stress and
regain your power simply by determining the nature of the creature.
Angst over Taxes
A young attorney came into our office. For years she had agonized over her taxes
because she hadn't filed a return since 2001, a time when she didn't have the money
to pay any taxes she might owe. When she first saw us, she thought that she owed the
IRS more than $25,000, plus penalties and interest. She was literally losing sleep
over taxes, and any time she saw correspondence from the government, (which, by the
way, she didn't open!) would feel instantly guilty. When we looked at her tax issue
we didn't want to laugh because, after all, she was our client. But the issue wasn't
nearly as serious as she thought: she owed less than $2000, including penalties and
interest. Yes, she still had the task of retrieving documents, but the work and the
money was far less than she thought.
Your tax liability may be less or may be as much as you expect. Knowing the extent
of the liability will give you the power to take action and eliminate the problem
altogether. It will also help you prevent it from ever happening again and it will
give you peace of mind.
We recognize that each client's story is unique, and personalize a step-by-step
strategy to put you back into the free and clear as quickly as possible. For the
initial strategy counseling session, at a one-time investment of $500, this is what
we offer.
1. Removal of IRS contact.
An associate at Tax Matters Solutions immediately files "Power of Attorney" with
State and Federal agencies so the IRS will stop contacting you and contact us
2. Action to stop any enforced collection activity.
If you currently face any collection activity, such as a lien or a levy, Tax Matters
Solutions will file the appropriate documents to stop action.
3. Request for transcripts.
Tax Matters Solutions will request all your government tax transcripts. These
transcripts let us look at your taxes from the government's perspective, which will
allow us to find the solution from the government's perspective.
3. Assessment of your particular situation.
The assessment consists of two parts:
a. An in-depth interview by phone or in person.
b. An assessment of your situation from the government's perspective.
You will receive a written assessment of your situation. Often the associates at Tax
Matters Solutions will be able to offer you immediate insight into reduction of tax
liability at this stage. For one client, we were able to reduce tax liability by
$20,000 of payroll taxes in that first interview.
4. Project Estimate
You will receive an estimate for minimizing your tax liability, applying for a tax
abatement or offer in compromise and bringing your accounting up to date.
5. Step-by-Step Action Plan.
You will receive an action plan. At this point in time you will know exactly what it
will take to resolve your tax issue: how much time and how much paperwork. You will
also have a general idea of your tax liability and your options for resolving it.

Web Site: http://www.taxmatterssolutions.com

Contact Details: 10347 Dawson\'s Creek Blvd. Building 5, Ste. 5 Fort Wayne, IN 46825
(p)260.489.0818 (f)260.490.2299

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