AVS PRO-80 Ultra Short-Throw XGA Multimedia Projector

Released on: April 22, 2008, 12:59 pm

Press Release Author: Wendy Leon

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: San Diego, CA, April 7, 2008 Audio Video Supply, Inc, a San
Diego distributor first in the LCD Projector Industry, has introduced the new AVS
PRO-80 Ultra Short-Throw Multimedia Projector from its new product line.
The AVS PRO-80 uses a new large diameter aspheric lens, which can provide 80-inch
projection from the ultra short distance of only 3-inches to project large images in
any available space.

Press Release Body: The AVS PRO-80 is an extremely effective solution for education,
instructions, as well as for business viewing. You can either put it on the
tabletop/floor or you can wall mount it. As this projector utilizes short throw
distance it has numerous installation options. It can project very large images on
the floor, which can be used for interaction as well as for teaching purposes. It
provides very quick, easy and effective displays and presentations.
The AVS PRO-80 features Color Board Mode as well as Black Board Mode. Color Board
Mode adjusts the hue when you project an image on a color surface. Because of this
feature your image appears as if it is projected on a white surface. With the Black
Board Mode you can use this projector to display images on classroom blackboards.
The optical and cooling mechanism technologies and the new optical engine created
with a high-precision aspheric mirror combined with a distortion correction
mechanism lens, facilitates image magnification without distortion from even
extremely small distance.
The AVS PRO-80 Multimedia Projector is now available to order. For additional
information please refer to our product page. To order, please call 858-565-1101.
Audio Video Supply, Inc. is located at 4575 Ruffner Street, San Diego, California,
92111. On the web, www.avsupply.com

About Audio Video Supply, Inc.
Audio Video Supply, Inc. is the North American distributor of LCD Projector Industry
as well as CCTV Security, Machine Vision, Scientific Vision Systems, and
professional broadcasting and a complete line of Medical, and Industrial components.
In business for over 35 years, AVS is well established and authorized to distribute
a wide variety of name brand video equipment. In addition to projectors, Audio Video
Supply also offers, lenses, cameras, digital video recorders (DVRs), LCD's, plasmas,
surveillance systems, professional camcorders, and a complete line of accessories.
Design help for Multimedia Projectors is available for international and US
customers. Website: www.avsupply.com

Web Site: http://www.avsupply.com

Contact Details: Company Information:
Name: Audio Video Supply, Inc.
Address: 4575 Ruffner Street
City: San Diego
State: CA
ZIP: 92111
Country: USA
Phone: 858-565-1101
Toll Free USA: 800-284-2288
FAX: 858-565-7845
Contact Person: Wendy Leon wendy@avsupply.com
Sales Contact: sales@avsupply.com

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