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Released on: April 9, 2008, 7:04 pm

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Industry: Marketing

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Toll Free Availability
Being available to clients as they work through issues like career changes or weight
loss is important to Benfield's business. Though she does most of her counseling
one-on-one, she uses her toll free number for initial contacts, and for those times
when clients need to talk through an issue and can't talk face to face with her.

Press Release Body: 800 numbers are convenient
Because of's convenient routing system, a business can use one
toll free number for several employees. Marcus Marinelli's company, Gangus Internet
Services, LLC, serves online businesses. If one of their customers experience
downtime, they need support fast, even if it's the middle of the night. But
publishing the support staff's personal numbers and schedules on the website was too
complex and confusing to customers. The solution was one toll free number which
could then be re-routed to the staff member on duty. "This means we don\'t provide
customers with 'phone trees' or anything else complicated," Marinelli explains.
"They call our 800 number, and we make sure the right phone rings.\"

Using TollFreeNumber.Org's routing system is the ideal solution for those who have
to travel frequently, or who make the rounds within a city or area throughout a work
day. Brandi Scott, wife, mother, and owner of DVD Dynamos, is a woman on the go.
"I\'m not in a specified location all the time, so I didn\'t want to have to call in
or be in a certain place to find out who was calling me. I chose
because it offered a lot of flexibility for me."

TollFreeNumber.Org is committed to your satisfaction. Finding a workable solution
for your communication needs might be easier, and less expensive, than you could
have imagined. These small business owners, and many others, enjoy the worry-free
solutions provides in letting them be accessible to their
clients, and to the opportunity for success.

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