Cruise to Cash is an Amazing Lucrative Business


Released on: April 22, 2008, 4:28 am

Press Release Author: Ron Hester

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: The Travel Industry is Booming.. and so are the careers of Entrepreneurs via Ron Hester Mentorship with Cruise to Cash.

Press Release Body: The Travel Industry is Booming.. and so are the careers of Entrepreneurs via Ron Hester Mentorship with Cruise to Cash. Ron Hester is helping entrepreneurs "Cruise to Success" in the Travel Industry WWW.MULTIPLE6FIGURESYSTEM.COM

Lifestyle entrepreneurs are people who go into business primarily for lifestyle reasons, as opposed to a desire for financial wealth. They become " business owners" so they can do the kind of work they want, work the hours they want, live where they want, and spend time with people they like and admire. In fact, many Lifestyle entrepreneurs are financially successful.

Positioning and Leverage are the keys to succeed in any Business. Ron Hester has mentored many individuals by helping them Create Wealth WWW.MULTIPLE6FIGURESYSTEM.COM. In Business you don’t just get rich; you create and build wealth by letting the system work for you.

"The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work." Robert Kiyosaki

Do you really believe that Bill Gates, Sheldon Adelson, Michael Dell, Warren Buffet and Donald Trump' s of the world really got out there and worked for there wealth? They worked the system or a system to gain there wealth. Stop working for the money..Leverage yourself ..let it work for you, work the system.

Cruise to Cash is an Amazing Lucrative Business - now in" Launch" with the Voyager package that has really made it multi-dimensional and Exciting: As a Cruise to Cash Voyager member, you will have Access to your very own One of a Kind Cruise to Cash Travel Center that you can use to book your Dream Vacations or those of friends and family or anyone! The CTC Travel Center is an exclusive, member’s only vacation planning and booking site.

You will have access to the same Network of 4 and 5 Star Resorts, Condominiums and Hotels that Timeshare Owners spend 10’s of Thousand’s of dollars to access, but you do NOT have to participate in any timeshare tours! You will be able to book Cruises, Flights, Disney Vacations, Family Vacation Packages and the list goes on and on. All of this for significantly less than the retail cost of these Dream Vacations.

Throw in the recommendation of best selling author Robert Kiyosaki on the timing of being an Entrepreneur in the Travel Industry and it becomes obvious why individuals worldwide are flocking to Cruise to Cash.

Cruise to Cash is positioning itself to dominate the travel industry. Travel just never goes out of Style! It doesn’t matter what the economy is, people still travel. Cruise to Cash meets all 3 requirements for Success - a solid reputable company, an awesome consumable product (travel) and a lucrative compensation plan. I’ve seen a lot of opportunities in my time, but never have I seen a business like Cruise to Cash growing at a pace like this.

No other program or company has put together quite as good a combination of product features and compensation plan with a Monthly Residual Buildup! Cruise to Cash has the most Powerful 4 Income Stream Revolutionary Program on the Internet! Make 100% of $977 or $1477 on Each and every sale! with Cruise to Cash. You make IMMEDIATE CASH starting with your Very 1st Sale! You WILL also make $10.00 and $20.00 residual Monthly Income for EACH and EVERY Person who has joined your Team!

You can and will have Access to UNLIMITED Vacation Certificates, to 4 and 5 star resorts, cruises, and to Exotic Hot Spots, with Cruise to Cash

It starts with you making an informed decision. Want to know How Entrepreneurs become Successful? Make a decision, the rest will follow! Believe me, it's really that simple...

Give Yourself the opportunity Learn how to succeed at something that will produce an amazing income. This is an honest online opportunity in the Vacation Industry with a company that is built on integrity and is fun !! .

Come join me in Cruise to Cash. Become part of the fastest growing and number one team in the Company! " This model offers simplicity and diversification for people from all walks of life, all forms of education and all age brackets.” says North Carolina Native Ron Hester who builds personal relationships with the team he sponsors to insure their continued long term Success. WWW.MULTIPLE6FIGURESYSTEM.COM

Ron Hester is a Professional Web 2.0 Marketer and Cruise to Cash Mentor who coaches her Top #1 Team WWW.MULTIPLE6FIGURESYSTEM.COM on how to effectively use Video Marketing and Web 2.0 strategies for growing their online business's . Don't be left behind in the new age of home based business and online marketing. Contact me today! Ron says he will personally be there to help you succeed with Cruise to Cash. A team leader that will leverage you to success and Empower you to Excel!

Take control of destiny. Create the life you want. Cruise to Cash is the vehicle for your success; You just have to get in and start. The key: Learn just ONE thing, and learn it well… then move on to the NEXT strategy, and the next, and the next… Are you ready to make a 6 figure income ?

Are you ready to change your life! - REALLY READY? Join Me in Cruise to Cash today and Be part of the $8.6 Trillion Dollar Travel Industry .. Projected to Double in Size by the End of this Decade!

Do yourself a favor, you do the research WWW.MULTIPLE6FIGURESYSTEM.COM today

Investigate what is out there and follow the same principles that already were proven to be profitable for many people. Yes, regular folks are learning how to make significant levels of income nowadays doing things they like.

Just sit back and IMAGINE where you would be in 5-8 years from now IF you don't make any changes to your life... You see, most people I meet DO want change in their life. If You are serious, I am l excited and happy to show YOU everything I know to help You become successful as well.

If you are happy in your job, working for someone else, entrepreneurship is not for you. But if you understand that you have been missing out on the real growth over the last couple of years, you may consider to start taking responsibility into your own hands again. Discover Cruise to Cash today! Ron Hester 336-441-4199 WWW.MULTIPLE6FIGURESYSTEM.COM


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