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Released on: April 18, 2008, 4:31 pm

Press Release Author: Marsha Kantor /Cruise to Cash

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: Cruise to Cash has the Most Attractive Business and Products in the World, VACATIONS! Fulfill your financial dreams and travel dreams with this Business opportunity.

Press Release Body: Cruise to Cash provides another "Stream of Income" for all Entrepreneurs! It's a Matchless  Business opportunity in the Travel and Vacation Industry with a Modified 2 up pay plan Cruise To Cash, G.A.P.'s newest business addition, is a New Business Model That Will Allow You To Earn $977 $1477 or Per Sale: !00% Commission is yours. With a one time entry fee.

"What people long for, outside of becoming a millionaire of course, is to travel and take a dream vacation! Cruise to Cash presents it's members the best of all worlds and is absolutely exploding with the hottest new compensation plan in the industry.. the ONLY True Infinity Payout Compensation Plan." says Marsha Kantor.

What makes Cruise to Cash different from other business opportunities is that there is a monthly Residual income payout for every member in your downline; both personally sponsored and pass-up sponsored members to infinity.

Cruise to Cash allows many more people the opportunity to become involved in a top-tier direct sales company. The Global Abundance Program has taken advantage of the $8.6 TRILLION dollar Travel Industry and introduced a totally revolutionary travel business model

Get FREE Travel Vouchers for Yourself, Friends and Relatives..Give them to anyone!! Now you can offer the same FREE VACATION Certificates that Fortune 500 companies have offered for years by joining this awesome business opportunity with Cruise to Cash and Marsha Kantor

Imagine, a system that will finally allow you the freedom which you deserve. A way to earn multiple streams of income from a single source. A program that can not only enable you to take a vacation but actually gives them to you!

Your imagining Cruise to Cash. Not only do you have the ability to use and go on unlimited Vacations to exotic destinations but you can also create an income for life.

Spend 2 minutes online and find exactly what you need to become the entrepreneur you were born to be!. Go to

"Cruise to Cash is allowing entrepreneurs to maximize their desire to create wealth from home in an $8.6 trillion dollar per year industry that is projected to double in size by the end of this decade. Travel will always be sector of our society regardless of the economic climate " says Marsha Kantor.

Just like to Travel then Cruise to Cash is DEFINITELY for you! You'll save Thousands on Personal Travel and give them as gifts to Friends and Relatives for endless discounted travel vacations to amazing destinations Worldwide.

The Business that is making huge waves everywhere is doing it again. As if Cruise to Cash wasn't already amazing, wait to you see what's going on now..

For a Limited Time Only, Marsha Kantor is in a position to offer you an Outstanding Promotional Bonus- Come aboard today and Save $500

They launched the Voyager program .. Now You can have access to your very own one of a kind Cruise to Cash Travel Center that you can use to book your Dream Vacations or those of friends and family or anyone. The CTC Travel Center is an exclusive, member's only vacation planning and booking site.

You will have access to the same Network of 4 and 5 Star Resorts, Condominiums and Hotels that Timeshare Owners spend 10's of Thousand's of dollars to access, but you do NOT have to participate in any timeshare tours! You will be able to book Cruises, Flights, Disney Vacations, Family Vacation Packages and the list goes on and on. All of this for significantly less than the retail cost of these Dream Vacations.

and Get ready.. CTC is also ready to unveil an even more profit driven pay plan that will blow away even the modified 2-up.Coming in May 2008- just around the corner .. In fact, it will blow away every pay plan in existence!

Marsha has teamed up with the best trainer and mentor in the online marketing industry. Marsha is a Professional Web 2.0 Marketer and Mentor who coaches her Top #1 Team on how to effectively use Video Marketing and Web 2.0 strategies for growing their online business's. Join a team that's experiencing tremendous success, an exceptional CTC team with Marsha Kantor.

For a Limited Time Only, Marsha Kantor is in a position to offer you an Outstanding Promotional Bonus- join today and Save $500

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