Electric Motion Systems Launches the Next Generation of Electric Bicycles-the E+

Released on: April 30, 2008, 9:04 pm

Press Release Author: Marc Pultuskier / Electric Motion Systems

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary: EMS\'s new electric bicycle, the E+, is the next generation of
e-bikes. The E+ embodies modern technology design. It utilizes advanced electric
propulsion technology to provide the ultimate riding experience, through pedaling or
electric operation.

Press Release Body: Dulles, VA -

Electronic Motion Systems (EMS) is committed to innovation and quality in Light
Electric Vehicles for today's new generation of adults.

The company's new electric bicycle, the E+, is the next generation of e-bikes. The
E+ embodies the essence of modern technology design-simplicity and elegance imposed
on advanced technical capabilities. The E+ utilizes advanced electric propulsion
technology to provide the ultimate riding experience, through pedaling or in full
electric operation.

Keeping the spirit of bicycling alive for adults was EMS' top priority in designing
and building the E+. Founded in 2005 by a group of experienced and innovative
engineers, EMS spent two years meticulously developing, designing, and building the
E+. The team's extensive experience in electric propulsion, combined with the
company's commitment to quality and reliability, resulted in the world's most
advanced, powerful, elegant, reliable, safe, and easy-to-use electric bicycle.

"We believe we have the most experience in the world in designing and making
powerful, high-quality, and versatile electric bicycles for adults," says Rakesh
Dhawan, President of EMS. "Our team members have years of experience in electric
propulsion and bicycle technology, and this is a culmination of that effort."

The company's overriding goal is to make bicycles a more accessible and exciting
option for recreation, exercise, and commuting. "The E+ will appeal not only to 43
million bicycle riders in America, but also to 160 million other Americans who are
interested in bicycling, but do not do it today," says Dhawan.

To design a product that meets these needs without sacrificing quality and safety,
EMSfocused on the whole riding experience. By marrying the look and feel of
traditional cycling with cutting-edge technology, style, elegance, and power, the E+
offers riders an exhilarating ride with a host of options. The E+ has 19 different
cycling modes, cruise control, and regenerative braking.

The bicycle is powered by a proprietary EMS-designed 1000 watt (750 watt standard)
brushless permanent magnet motor with a state-of-the-art Texas Instruments 32-bit
280x Digital Signal Processor and direct torque control. This allows riders to
simply push a throttle when they want electric power. The system safely delivers
it-from a little to a great rush of power and acceleration. The battery pack, also
proprietary and designed by EMS, provides 20+ miles range with advanced battery
management controls and safe NiMH technology. No rider intervention is required to
manage these components-just
push the throttle or hit the break. The system does the rest.

Every component in the E+ was thoughtfully designed or chosen for quality and
reliability. From the beginning, the EMS team included family and friends in the
development of the E+. This allowed the diverse team to create a user-friendly
bicycle that meets the needs and interests of a wide range of adults. The result?
The E+ will
enhance the lifestyles of urban commuters, exercise enthusiasts, suburban families,
tourists, environmentalists, and technology buffs alike. When it comes to quality
and reliability, EMS and the E+ cannot be matched. EMS defines itself through
service, quality, and reliability. The company prides itself on personalized,
hands-on customer service. From offering advice on how the E+ will best fit in with
your lifestyle to prompt maintenance and support, the EMS team provides
personalized, attentive assistance.

EMS is also dedicated to creating more environments in which people can enjoy and
use bicycles without limitations. EMS is working with municipalities, counties, and
states to encourage and establish more bicycle-friendly cities and workplaces.

"We believe that cycling can contribute to solving important problems, such as
traffic, congestion, air and noise pollution, and inactivity," says Dhawan. "The E+
is exhilarating, flexible, and safe-important considerations when dealing with these
issues. With the E+, we are unleashing a whole slate of solutions at the individual
and societal

For EMS, the E+ is more than just a bike. Its sleek, elegant design, cutting-edge
technology, and diverse riding options represent constructive, alluring change. "We
want our company to make a real contribution to people's lives," says Dhawan. "E+ is
versatile, fun, and useful-all at the same time. You're saving gas, you're getting
exercise, and you're enjoying it. This is the kind of contribution EMS is all about."

About Electric Motion Systems LLC
Founded in 2005 by a group of experienced and innovative engineers, Electric Motion
Systems LLC (EMS) develops and manufactures high-quality Light Electric Vehicles
(LEVs). EMS employs leading experts in electric propulsion systems and uses
state-ofthe-art technologies and proprietary designs. After two years of
development, EMS has introduced the world's best-performing electric bicycle-the E+.

For more information about EMS and the E+, contact Marc Pultuskier at 877-824-5339
(ext. 709) or visit www.electricmotionsystems.com.

Web Site: http://www.electricmotionsystems.com

Contact Details: Media Contact:
Marc Pultuskier
877-824-5339 ext. 709

Electric Motion Systems (EMS)
45150 Business Court, Suite 300
Dulles, Virginia 20166

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