Farmer-Doctor Releases Recipe for Genius as Solution For New Business Ideas

Released on: April 3, 2008, 8:44 am

Press Release Author: Midwest Journal Press

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Doctor releases a \"recipe\" for enabling anyone to become a
genius and get unlimited number of new business ideas. He claims that there are only
3 principles in common use by all geniuses and that it\'s easier to recover your
native genius abilities than to remain a conforming \"non-genius\".


Mexico, Mo. April 2, 2008 - Dr. Robert C. Worstell released today a recipe for
genius as a solution to businesses looking for new ideas. This had been earlier
published in his book, \"Genius: How to Be One, How to Live With It\", but today was
released as a Powerpoint presentation via Additionally, he presented
3 principles all Geniuses operate by in order to succeed. As far as he has been able
to discover, no such definite route to genius has been released to date.

Dr. Worstell was concerned with the modern problem businesses have in finding new
ideas for their seeming ever-present problems. In his research into improving human
ability, he found that older self help books had already solved this problem.
However, most of these have been lost from current bookstores or have never been
connected with the solution to that problem.

\"You see, I had that same problem myself - only in reverse,\" related Dr. Worstell.
\"All my life, I\'ve had more ideas and solutions for problems than people could
create around me. But of course, this gets boring - and tedious. So I set about
working out how people could become more genius, and make my life simpler.\"

This research wound up with a newly released book on genius, compiled from famous
authors. Each excerpt is that author\'s view and understanding of one part to this
puzzle. Use of the Internet\'s advanced research tools allowed this puzzle to be knit
into a single package for the first time.

The original research question wasn\'t why aren\'t there more geniuses, but why are
their so few. Dr. Worstell found as part of this research that the idea only a few
people are \"genius\" and \"extremely talented\" wasn\'t true at all. Rather that all
people are genius to begin with and the society around them limits their success,
and their ability to display their native talents.

In the slidecast (slideshow with audio by the author, available on,
Dr. Worstell gives both an overview and a lengthier explanation of why his 3 genius
principles, as well as his genius recipe, work. He calls the longer version his
\"Director\'s Cut\".

\"Social media, like, allows a greater impact and faster reach through
the Internet so people can get the data faster,\" explained Dr. Worstell. \"I can put
a simple PowerPoint presentation together and then record my comments so that people
can listen to me as if they were in the room as I gave the presentation. Further,
social media is ranked as more important by Google, so that if you have really
valuable data, this is a very fast way to spread it. So more people can be reached
and helped.\"

Dr. Worstell has been researching humankind\'s conditions for over 35 years. He is a
prolific author/editor and has published over 4 dozen books, as well as numerous
articles and whitepapers. He also maintains several blogs, and also podcasts. The
bulk of his books are published through Print-On-Demand publisher Lulu, although he
is represented by the larger online booksellers as well.

Dr. Worstell attributes his research inspiration to his daily work on his rural
Midwestern farm.

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Contact Details: Dr. Robert C. Worstell
Midwest Journal Press
15559 Audrain Rd 821, Mexico, Mo. 65265
Email: robertworstell@[removethis]
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