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Released on: April 20, 2008, 12:31 am

Press Release Author: Harry Ebio

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Inactive domain names are waste.

Press Release Body: Manila, Philippines 4/20/08 - ICANN, the internet overseeing
organization on the domain names should impose a policy that inactive domain names
should be taken out online and be available for anyone to register. Any domain names
should be active and website must be developed into a website within 6 months, or
they will be deleted.
Internet is clogged these days with inactive domain names. Anyone who will search
for domain names for personal or business presence on the internet will likely be
disappointed. Single word domain names are now impossible to get including popular
dual words. It is very alarming that some domains are actually parked or expired
that becomes inactive or wasted.
These inactive domain names can be considered garbage on the internet because it is
not being used properly. Furthermore, it deprives legitimate individuals to use
domain names for better purposes rather than just parking it. Parking of domain
names have been abused by unscrupulous individuals, and companies including those of
registrars themselves who are members of the ICANN. Parked or inactive domains are
priced higher because it has a current owner. One domain name is being offered as
high as $ 10,000.00 which was actually registered only for less than $ 10.
This practice is an obvious work of unprofessional individuals and companies who
wants to take advantage of the internet technology against those ordinary
If such practice persists the internet will be clogged by these inactive/parked
domains. The internet could possibly shut down that will affect almost everyone
across the globe. This will affect the financial industry, governments and many
others that heavily depend on the use of the internet. It will be like the chaos in
the movie Die Hard 4.0 that starred Bruce Willis where the internet crushed because
of someone was in control of everything. This maybe possible in the near future but
will be for different reason such as this domain names garbage problem.
For the past decades, internet has become the new society where we are
interconnected with the rest of the world. Let us clean up the internet for everyone
to use it correctly, and for the next generation of humans to use, enjoy and clean
it as we do today.
Help save the internet.

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