New Aero SWFmax Flash Player

Released on: April 13, 2008, 3:18 pm

Press Release Author: Flash Player Software

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary:

Press Release Body: SWF.max is both a Flash Player and Flash Management Tool.
It has some additional Flash related tools.

Media Browser
Thumbnails enabled Media Browser lets you easily browse through folders in search of
particular Flash Movie. You may easily recognize required movie not only by its file
name, but also by familiar movie frame. You may manage your Flash files right from
Media Browser : delete them, rename or perform any other file operation.

Create and save Flash Playlists so required sets of movies are within easy reach.

Playback Control
You may control movie playback using familiar media controls, like those you may
find in multimedia players. Plus you may control playback using either mouse wheel
or handy keyboard shortcuts . Multimedia Keyboards are supported too.

Full Screen Mode
In handy Full Screen mode there will be nothing on the screen but the movie itself.
Still everything you need will be close at hand . Just put the mouse pointer to one
of the screen borders to show Playback Controls, Playlist or Menu Bar. Both in Full
Screen and Standard modes you may right click to show Shortcut Menu.

Along with ordinary Flash movie files you may seamlessly open Flash projectors
directly in SWF.max . Flash projectors can also be previewed in Media Browser.

Flash Screen Saver
Some Flash movies may be so long that your Screen Saver may start. There\'s an option
to prevent this from happening. Plus you may set any of your Flash movies or even
Projectors as a Screen Saver.

Save Movie As...
Using "Save As." function you can extract a movie from projector to a separate file
and vice versa save a movie as a projector. Projectors created with SWF.max take
even less disk space compared to ordinary projectors. If you have many projectors in
your Flash collection you may save some disk space by using an option to
automatically replace projectors with movies they contain.

Batch Thumbnail Generation
Exclusively for those who are running a web site with Flash movies there is a tool
for Batch Generation of Flash Thumbnails. You may create thumbnails of desired size
for all movies that are contained in specified folder. Since thumbnails will be
saved in the same folder, there will be no problem to assign corresponding images to
Flash movies on a web page.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Address: Zapadnaya 14, Pskov
Russian Federation

Phone Number:

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