Olive Green Dog is Open for Business!


Released on: April 2, 2008, 11:31 am

Press Release Author: Gina Quiroga

Industry: Environment

Press Release Summary: Olive: Green Goods for Modern Dogs is now offering eco-friendly pet products online.

Press Release Body: Austin TX - Olive Green Dog announces the grand opening of their new online store featuring ‘Green Goods for Modern Dogs’.

With a growing culture of environmentalism and more people embracing green as a lifestyle rather than just an idea, Olive Green Dog (www.olivegreendog.com) is proud to enter the field with high quality, environmentally friendly dog products. Including everything from interactive toys that reduce your dog’s exposure to allergens and toxic chemicals to ‘eco-ture’ fashion that’s modern, hip and environmentally sound, Olive Green Dog is a one stop shop for the discriminating consumer concerned for the environment and their favorite furry friend.

“Green is not necessarily a new trend. Years ago, our mothers said ‘Buy something nice and make it last’, meaning less can be more. We live in a world bent on throwawayism, chock full of cheaply made, potentially unsafe dog products. We understand that responsible dog owners are looking for options.” says Gina Quiroga, co-founder of Olive Green Dog. Olive stocks only high quality dog products that are made to last and ensure responsibility when it comes to their environmental impact.”

Going green doesn’t have to mean giving up style, comfort, or quality and Olive Green Dog proves that with their exceptional collection of pooch products. Visit www.olivegreendog.com today to explore and discover more about doing right by your dog and the Planet.

Gina Quiroga - Gina Quiroga is co-founder of Olive: Green Goods for Modern Dogs (www.Olivegreendog.com). A passionate pooch lover and Earth champion, Olive brings together Ms. Quiroga's two loves. Committed to bringing dog lovers the largest variety of healthful and environmentally conscious dog products, Ms. Quiroga, an admitted design snob, swears never to endorse a dog product she wouldn't drag home herself.

Information: http://www.olivegreendog.com
Contact: olive@olivegreendog.com
Phone: 1-877 OLIVE 55

Web Site: http://www.olivegreendog.com

Contact Details: Contact: Gina Quiroga
Olive: Green Goods for Modern Dogs
8705 Shoal Creek Blvd.
Suite 203
Austin, TX 78757
1-877 OLIVE 55


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