Petroniccom Explains How Your Food Could Hurt Your Pet

Released on: April 2, 2008, 9:32 pm

Press Release Author: Paul Counts

Industry: Marketing

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Press Release Body: Perkins, OK ( ExpressPressRelease ) April 1, 2008 The leading
online retailer of automatic pet feeders and pet supplies,, is
trying to get the message out that people food can really harm your pets.

Veterinary clinics have noticed a rise in the number of pets that they treat for
food-related illnesses. The increase in pet illness is due to the fact that animals
are partaking in human foods during mealtime. Although not well known by the
public, the consumption of human food to pets is potentially harmful to animals, and
in some instances, can be fatal.

Foods that are especially harmful include chocolate and other foods containing
caffeine, onions and garlic, milk, bones, and macadamia nuts. The reasons vary
incredibly, however in the end the cause of all dangers is a result of the
difference in which animals and humans process and digest foods.

The results of pets eating human foods range in extremes from light vomiting and
diarrhea to possible fatality.

For instance, caffeine found in chocolate and other foods cause heart and nervous
system problems in animals.

Onions and garlic damages red blood cells and causes anemia in pets.

Milk often cannot be processed in animals, resulting in bacteria, causing vomiting
and diarrhea.

Bones consumed by animals can splinter and get stuck in the intestines, resulting in
potentially fatal punctures and wounds.

Pets who consume macadamia nuts are often impaired with locomotory difficulties,
including tremors and weakness or paralysis of the hindquarters.

The rise in food-related illnesses by pets is a clear indication that the dangers of
human food consumption by animals are not understood by the masses. Petronics seeks
to change this and other pet-related concerns by providing innovative pet supplies
and convenient solutions to pet owners to provide a safe and comfortable life for
their pets.

For more information on the product line offered by, you can visit them
online at, or you can call them at 1-800-875-0397.

Contact: Paul Counts, Co-Owner
Phone: 1-800-875-0397
Address: 1007 Mahar Dr
Perkins, OK 74059


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Contact Details: Paul Counts, Co-Owner
Phone: 1-800-875-0397
Address: 1007 Mahar Dr
Perkins, OK 74059

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