UK Start-ups Must Network To Survive

Released on: April 1, 2008, 4:09 am

Press Release Author: Hannah Lane/apt marketing & pr ltd

Industry: Management

Press Release Summary: Half of all UK businesses fail within the first three years
according to Business Link. With start-ups facing only a 50% chance of success,
business networking has become vital to their survival.

Press Release Body: Businesses can fail for a variety of reasons, from lack of
finances to poor management. One of the biggest underlying causes though is a
failure to generate awareness. The obvious culprit is weak or insufficient
marketing, but the situation is more complex than that. Particularly in the B2B
environment, a company trades on its people and the relationships they build, so a
lack of networking strategy could spell disaster from day one.

While advertising, public relations and direct sales must form a key part of any new
business strategy, they are not enough. Particularly in service-based businesses,
self-proclaimed benefits and USPs will not guarantee sales. Recommendations and
referrals are the most reliable source of new business. So, start-ups must quickly
implement a strategy to foster long-term partnerships, relationships and advocacy.
There is no substitute for building face-to-face relationships with other
professionals with an emphasis on reciprocal arrangements and without the 'hard

NRG runs events that break the mould of traditional networking. This is not a
'PowerPoint and pitch' process and doesn't help those looking for a quick sale.
Instead it is an advocacy model, with trust and familiarity at its core, as NRG
Director, Martin Davies, explains: "NRG's networking formula helps SMEs to build a
network of trusted contacts who will happily make referrals with confidence. Over
time, dedicated NRG networkers experience the full potential of networking,
helping them secure long-term business success".

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