Released on: May 20, 2008, 2:39 am

Press Release Author: Michael J. Penfold

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: Darwin\'s and Wallace\'s idea of \'evolution by natural
selection\' - a concept which Dawkins calls \"arguably the most momentous idea ever to
occur to a human mind.\"

Press Release Body: A one-stop-shop called has been set up
by Michael J. Penfold to provide multiple internet links to articles, books, audio
and video that counter the atheistic arguments of the world\'s most famous atheist,
Richard Dawkins of Oxford. It was in Oxford, back in 1978, while sitting in one of
the biology labs of Magdalen College School that a young Mr. Penfold was first
exposed to Richard Dawkins\'s favoured theory of human origins - Darwin\'s and
Wallace\'s idea of \'evolution by natural selection\' - a concept which Dawkins calls
\"arguably the most momentous idea ever to occur to a human mind.\"
With bicycles passing by behind him on Iffley Road, close to where Roger Bannister
broke the four-minute mile in 1954, unfolding on the white board before him were the
so-called evidences for \'evolution\'. A certain Mr. Kettlewell\'s experiments with
moths were discussed. Various shapes and sizes of horses were portrayed in a smooth
and convincing sequence which, so he was told, mirrored exactly what
palaeontologists had found in the fossil record - and so on.
Richard Dawkins, today\'s leading advocate of Darwinian evolution, would have been
about 37 years of age at the time. He would have just written his iconic book The
Selfish Gene (1976). In time, through other books like The Blind Watchmaker (1986),
Climbing Mount Improbable (1996) and A Devil\'s Chaplain (2003), Richard Dawkins
would take on celebrity status in the world of atheistic Darwinism and beyond. While
Professor Dawkins was churning out volume after volume promoting evolutionism, Mr.
Penfold was doing some research. He made some startling discoveries. It turned out
that all the textbook \'evidences\' for Darwin\'s theory of evolution he had heard in
School were at best inconclusive and at worst, flawed. (Indeed, in some cases
completely fraudulent).
For a number of years Mr. Penfold quietly contemplated doing something to counter
Richard Dawkins, whose writings provide much of the rationale for Britain\'s
contemporary attachment to Darwinism. Nothing materialized until September 2006 when
he read Dawkins\'s book The God Delusion. Sufficiently galvanised by Dawkins\'s
arrogant and dismissive tone, Mr. Penfold set about launching which now attracts thousands of hits from atheists,
agnostics and believers alike, fascinated to enter the debate and engage with the
15th May 2008

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