Awesome South African, Julia Holley

Released on: May 14, 2008, 3:12 am

Press Release Author: Media Mentors

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Yesterday I had the amazing experience of interviewing 28
year old Durbanite Julia Holley, a brand manager at Unilever SA. From the minute
she came on the phone I could feel the energy and enthusiasm she has, not just for
her work, but her life.

Press Release Body: I was interviewing her for a piece I'm doing to go with the June
16th commemorations by interviewing different young professionals and how they see
their lives today. Julia told me how, quite soon after finishing her studies, she
landed a job with SA Breweries as international marketing manager and found herself
living and working in London, being sent around Europe to promote such trendy brands
as Peroni and Brutal Fruit and of course Castle. For a young girl in her early
twenties this should have been paradise - but was it?
"From an experience point of view it was amazing, but the life there. I felt in
London you live for your holidays whereas here your life is like a holiday! Here's
an excerpt from an article she recently wrote for the website:
Whilst I had a great time, I missed the sunshine, the smiles and the generous spirit
of our people. I missed Pronutro, Ouma Rusks, hadeda's and the simple freedom of
space. I missed giggling at the physically disabled beggars at the robots who
occasionally forget their disabilities and run with ease to the side of the road to
count their collections! Most importantly I missed the opportunity to be an active
part of a country the rest of the world is eagerly watching. It is a known fact that
the brain drain is a big problem in South Africa. I came home after a year in London
because I didn't want to be another skilled South African who chose to leave our
country and criticise the government and talk about the atrocities of crime from a
million miles away.
The truth is that South Africa is not the same country that it was in the past. Gone
are the days when people could scrape past in school and university and then expect
a top job at the best corporate. It's a competitive market out there and there are
thousands of previously disadvantaged individuals who are really hungry to make it
big. I can guarantee you there will always be jobs for talented and ambitious
individuals, no matter your skin colour. If you have the right attitude, with energy
and enthusiasm there will always be opportunity for you.
South Africans have chutspa and vavavoom. South Africans love life. We are not
afraid of laughing at ourselves. South Africans are innovators and adventurers. We
challenge convention and are not afraid of standing up for what is right.
What a pleasure and inspiration to meet such a young woman - I really needed to
share this with others.

Marion Scher

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Contact Details: Marion Scher

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