Released on: May 3, 2008, 4:56 am

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Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Press Contact:
Contact: Chris Hatfield
Company: FAESystems Inc.
Tel: +1-253-243-2898
E-mail: sales@free-audio-editor.com

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Press Contact:
Contact: Chris Hatfield
Company: FAESystems Inc.
Tel: +1-253-243-2898
E-mail: sales@free-audio-editor.com


If you're like most anyone, you've been recording lots of cassette tapes and buying
LP disks. Over the years, you've collected plenty of records that you want to
preserve forever. Unfortunately, much of what you have will not stand the test of
time. Sound distorts, quality vanishes. Fortunately, we live in the age of computer
technologies and optical media where CD disks can preserve their content a hundred
years to come.

Fullerton, CA - March 22, 2008 - FAESystems Inc. today announces the availability of
Free Audio Editor 2008, a new tool for digitizing sound records of music cassette
tapes, vinyl LP disks and videos. The digitized records can then be recorded onto CD

Free Audio Editor is computer software for Windows-based computers. Once installed,
the software will let you transfer the content of a tape, LP or VCR tape to the
digital form and save the output to the hard disk drive, creating standard digital
sound files. And it can mercifully do so while unattended. Timer and input level
triggered recording is included. After all, you may not want to sit around and
listen to all those tracks while they are being recorded.

To begin the recording, you need to attach a cable from your sound device to the
computer, start playback and click the Recording button. That's pretty much you need
to do!

The software lets you copy tapes as they are or use the computer to edit records
before the burning process occurs. You can cut, copy and paste parts of records and,
if required, add effects like echo, amplification, noise reduction, reverb, chorus
and flanger, as well as time stretching and key transposition tools. Recordings
distorted by noise, clicks, crackles or missing high frequency content can be
restored easily. For you convenience, the new version comes with a real-time effect
preview to let you check the results of effect application instantly. Besides, the
software offers batch processing, which supports up to 32,000 files. It allows you
to apply effects or convert files as a single function. When you have edited,
previewed and prepared everything, transfer to a CD disk is quick and easy.

Free Audio Editor works as a .wav editor or .mp3 editor but it also supports a
number of other file formats, including .wma, .wav, .mp3, .mp2, .vox, .gsm, .dsp,
.cda, .aiff, .au, .raw, etc.


NOTE TO EDITORS: For additional information visit www.free-audio-editor.com.

Product page: http://www.free-audio-editor.com/
Download link:
Company website: http://www.free-audio-editor.com/
E-mail: sales@free-audio-editor.com

Postal address: FAESystems Inc.б 2500 Harbor Boulevard, E-26-Cб
Fullerton, CA 92634-3100

Web Site: http://free-audio-editor.com/

Contact Details: Address: 2071 Fisher Park Pl., Miami
United States of America

Phone Number: (305) 563-7685
Email: sales@free-audio-editor.com

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