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Released on: May 26, 2008, 5:50 pm

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Industry: Small-Business

Press Release Summary: Ladies. Here's an ultra successful woman that wants to help YOU!

Press Release Body: Ladies: Do you feel locked out of the “good old boys” success club, or are you banging your head against the “glass ceiling” so many ambitious women encounter?

Here’s an ultra successful woman who wants to give you some very ral help on Saturday June 7th.

Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler, who has spent over 35 years as a mind power training to world-class leaders from around the world, is now offering free success training for women.

“There are some people who seem to have a golden touch,” she explains. “Everything they touch succeeds, and nothing ever seems to stop them ... no matter if they are in business, the arts, sports, or any life adventure.”

“I discovered years ago while working with some amazing self-made millionaires in Silicon Valley exactly what makes these people different. And it has nothing to do with one’s upbringing, luck, connections, education, or even available money."

"Did you realize,” she laughs, “that the founder of Apple Computer, Steve Jobs, spent years sleeping on friend’s floors and selling pop bottles to buy food. Look at him today. And look at Bill Gates. He too had literally nothing going for him in the beginning.”

The renowned doctor of psychology and pioneer mind power trainer went on to explain that the secret to Jobs’ and Gate’s success needs to be made available to women.

“I invite all women to come to a free success secrets training Saturday June 7th,” she explained. “I want to open the bottle and let this genie out. This same secret has led me to a wonderful island lifestyle, and I want other women to know the amazing insight that got me here.”

Women from around the world are invited to reserve their space at:

Web Site:

Contact Details: Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler



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